When Rahul Gandhi asked Shah Rukh Khan for advice for a politician, King Khan gave such an answer

Rahul Gandhi asked quation Shahrukh Khan: Apart from his acting, Shahrukh Khan is also known for his excellent style of speaking. Often his speech or some parts related to it go viral on social media as well. Now recently an old video of Rahul Gandhi with Shah Rukh Khan has surfaced in which Rahul Gandhi is seen asking questions to Shahrukh and taking advice from him. This video is being told of an event that took place in 2008, in which Shah Rukh Khan was also seen giving a direct reply to Rahul Gandhi in a very spontaneous manner.

Rahul Gandhi took advice from Shahrukh

A fan page of Shah Rukh Khan on Instagram shared a video of an old event. In which Rahul Gandhi is questioning Shahrukh Khan, ‘What is your one advice for politicians?’

Shah Rukh gave a straight answer


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"text-align: justify;">Shah Rukh gave this advice for politicians

After this, King Khan gave advice to the politicians and said, ‘But you know, I would like to say that I have a lot of respect for those people who run the country or who have the feeling of running the country. This is very selfless service. Don’t take money under the table, don’t have double standards. If we do it in the right way (run the country), we all will earn money, we all will be happy and we can become a great and proud nation. So my advice to all politicians is please be as honest as realistically possible!’

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