Weight Loss Yoga: Weight will start decreasing at home, just have to do these 5 yogasanas daily

Weight Loss: Yoga makes the body healthy both internally and externally. Many people do Yoga daily to keep the whole body healthy and maintain fitness. Yoga makes the body curvy, brings flexibility in the body, gets rid of many health related problems and also gives inner peace, so different. If you are troubled by obesity, then you can do yoga to reduce excess fat. Apart from showing very good effect in weight loss, yoga is also effective in keeping the body free from diseases. Know here which Yoga Asanas can be done for weight loss.

Yoga for weight loss | yoga for weight loss


‘The Bow Pose’ or Dhanurasana is such a yoga asana which not only reduces the weight of the whole body, but is especially effective in melting Belly Fat. By doing this pose, fat is also removed from hands and feet. To do Dhanurasana, lie down on your stomach by laying a mat on the ground. After this, keep the waist on the ground and bend the upper part of the body backwards and try to hold the legs by lifting them with the hands. This will make the body look like a bow.


Utkatasana is also called Chair Pose. Just like its name, the body has to be molded in the shape of a chair while doing this yoga asana. For this, standing straight, keep the hands in front and bend the waist so that the buttocks come in line with the knees. By doing this yoga, there is an effect on thigh fat, arm fat and belly fat.

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Konasana comes in the count of the easiest yoga for weight loss. To do this yoga pose, standing straight, first the right hand is pulled up and then the left hand. By doing this asana, the fat of the waist melts rapidly and helps in improving the balance, flexibility and digestion of the body.


Bhujangasana is also known as Cobra Pose. To do this Yogasana, one is lying on the ground on the stomach. After this, keep the hands spread towards the front so that the palms remain attached to the ground. Now let’s bend the body from front to back. This pose is held for some time. Bhujangasana is also known as Cobra pose. This yoga asana can be done for rapid weight loss.



Falakasana is also done in the same way as plank is done. Falkasana is helpful in burning fat of the whole body. This yoga has a great effect on the hands and feet. To do Falkasana, lie down on the ground on your stomach. Now keep the hands from palm to elbow on the ground in front of you. After this, raise the whole body by lifting the toes of the feet and hold the pose.

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