Wedding Card: In the wedding card, there was a ‘disaster of meaning’ by mistake, relatives should go in tension or not?

Wedding card went viral: Wedding season or not, but videos and photos related to wedding functions go viral on social media. Sometimes the banging entry of the bride and groom wins the heart, and sometimes the dance of the DJ or the people dancing in the procession makes them laugh and laugh. From Band Baaja Baaraat to wedding cards, every small and big thing is taken care of. Recently, a photo of a wedding card is attracting everyone’s attention on the internet these days, after reading which you too will be engrossed in deep thought for a minute. Now is this photoshop or truth… this thing has not been confirmed yet.

Recently, social media users are having a lot of fun on a wedding card that went viral, in which a small mistake caused a disaster of meaning, due to which the reader of this wedding card will read thinking that, Banda Shaadi I am calling or refusing to come. Now is this photoshop or truth… this thing has not been confirmed yet. Actually, the wedding card is meant to invite people, but many times something new is written in order to write something special, as seen in the photo of this wedding card which has gone viral recently. Often you must have seen many lines in the cards like ‘My uncle or aunt’s marriage is jealous’ or ‘There is turmeric, there is sandalwood, there is a bond of relationships’, without which the wedding cards are somewhat incomplete and lonely. It seems to be unheard of, but in this viral photo, something else is attracting people’s attention.

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Due to a small mistake in this viral wedding card, the pictures of the card got viral on social media. Actually, it was to be written in the card ‘I am sending affection invitation, dear to call you, O Manas’s flamingo, you should not forget to come’ but by mistake it was written, ‘I am sending affection invitation, dear to call you, O Manas’ Flamingo, you forget to come. This post has been shared on the social media platform Facebook with a count named Jokes hi jokes, which is being seen and liked a lot. This video, shared on April 13 this year, has been liked by 4.5k people so far. Users who have seen the video are showering their love by giving different reactions. One user wrote, ‘Ye card to dekha dekha lag raha hai.’ Another user wrote, ‘It’s a great insult, man.’ The third user wrote, ‘The person who printed the card printed the mind of the caller.’

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