Watch: On the encounter of nephew Asad, uncle Ashraf said, ‘It was Allah’s thing, Allah took it’, Atiq Ahmed was also with him

Ashraf Ahmad on Asad Ahmed Encounter: Mafia Ateeq Ahmed’s son Asad Ahmed and his accomplice Ghulam were encountered by the Uttar Pradesh STF on Thursday (April 13). Preparations are on to bury both. Meanwhile, Atiq Ahmed has filed an application in the court to attend his son’s funeral. It will be heard on Saturday (April 15).

‘It was given by Allah and taken away by Allah’

After the interrogation of the police, on Friday, when Atik Ahmed was brought to Colvin Hospital in Prayagraj. During this both Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf were together. When the police questioned about Asad, Atiq did not say anything but his sorrow was clearly visible. Whereas Ashraf said that it was given by Allah and Allah has taken it away.

VIDEO | "It was Allah’s thing, Allah took it back…," says Ashraf, brother of gangster Atiq Ahmad, on the encounter of his nephew Asad. Atiq remained silent on media’s questions regarding the encounter of his son.

— Press Trust of India (@PTI_News) April 14, 2023

Their relatives reached Jhansi on Friday evening to collect the dead bodies of Asad and Ghulam, who were killed in the encounter. His uncle Usman has reached to take Asad’s body, while his brother-in-law Noor Alam has reached to take Ghulam’s body. On Friday evening, a large number of people had gathered in Atiq’s locality Kasari Masari and there was talk of bringing Asad’s body.

To bury the dead body of Assad, the grave was prepared in Kasari Masari cemetery till evening. However, the last rites are likely to be performed on Saturday as the bodies were not handed over to the relatives till late evening.

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