Watch: Did Biden really ignore Britain’s PM Rishi Sunak? Know the truth of viral video

Viral News: A video of US President Joe Biden is going viral on social media, in which Biden can be seen ignoring British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. It is being claimed that Biden could not recognize Sunak and sidelined the British PM. It is known that Biden has gone on a tour of Ireland. 

Actually, the video going viral is from Belfast International Airport. There US President Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak can be seen together. It is being claimed that Biden shook hands with the personal representative of Lord Lieutenant David McCorkell, the Maharaja of County Antrim, sidelining Sunak. During this, many kinds of talks are also happening about Sunak’s facial expressions. 

Criticism of Biden 

It can be seen in the video that after getting off the plane, Biden shakes hands with Sunak for a few seconds. After that he sidesteps them. Biden is being criticized fiercely for this. Users are saying that Biden could not recognize Sunak and sidelined him. If the video is seen closely, it seems that the US President has greeted the UK PM.  

Joe Biden doesn’t recognize the little brown guy (Prime Minister of UK) and pushes him away to salute the old white guy. The look on the face of @RishiSunak is priceless 🤣

— Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) April 12, 2023

Now after fact check, American news agency AFP and weekly news magazine Newsweek have claimed that this video has been edited regarding this viral video. Actually, the matter started with a tweet by Kim Dotcom on April 12, in which the user has claimed that Joe Biden did not recognize Rishi Sunak and accepted the greeting of another person, sidestepping the British PM. 

Edited video 

American news agency AFP has called this video fake. Also said that the conversation between Sunak and Biden has been removed from the video. This video has been edited. 

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