Vladimir Putin: brain disorder, cancer and what-what, what serious diseases is Putin suffering from!

Vladimir Putin Diseases: Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly suffering from brain disorder (brain disease) due to dementia. He also suffers from Parkinson’s (tremor or unsteadiness) and rhoid rage (a disorder of aggression or anger) caused by taking steroids to treat cancer.

Recently such a claim was made in the media reports. In fact, the British media organization Daily Mail had published a report in this regard, quoting ‘Five Eyes’, an intelligence alliance consisting of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US. Since then, many questions started arising on Putin’s health. 

Five Eyes claims on the health of the Russian President

Five Eyes intelligence officials had said that behind Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, reasons related to his health have come to the fore. A senior intelligence officer of Five Eyes has justified this by citing Kremlin sources. Referring to footage of Putin’s meeting with guests in the Kremlin, officials said the Russian president’s behavior looked extremely strange. He looked bloated and kept a surprising distance with the guests. Officials had claimed that there has been a clear change in the decision-making of the Russian President in the last about five years. 

Former British officials apprehensive about Putin

Earlier, former British Foreign Secretary Lord David Owen had also said something similar. He had said that Putin could be on anabolic steroids. It promotes aggression inside the person. Owen had said that Putin’s immunity may have been compromised or he may have been given cortical steroids for some other disease. He said that Putin is on steroids that are given to people doing body lifting and weightlifting.

Former head of the British Secret Service, Sir Richard Dearlove, also recently said that Putin is showing signs of ‘losing restraint’. He had said that he does not know whether it is true or not. He expressed apprehension that Putin may also suffer from Parkinson’s.

Former M16 Russian spy made this claim

In May last year, former Russian spy Christopher Steele of Britain’s spy agency M16 also claimed that Vladimir Putin may have a serious illness. Steele told Sky News that Putin’s health could also be a reason behind the open invasion of Ukraine.

Medical professionals’ stance on Putin’s health

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