VI’s complaint exposed the secrets of Jio-Airtel! Companies are not giving 5G for free, they charge you like this

Vodafone Idea : It is being said that Vodafone Idea is angry with Airtel and Jio. The reason for being unhappy is that Airtel and Jio are offering 5G for free to their customers. 5G was officially rolled out in India in October 2022 at the IMC (India Mobile Congress). The three telecom companies at that time Prime Minister Narendra Modi for 5G rollout in India. However, so far, only Jio and Airtel have been able to offer 5G in many states. Vi has been successful in giving users a taste of 5G  in select regions.

VI complains to Airtel and Jio

According to The Economic Times, Vi has written a letter to TRAI, accusing rival telecom companies of unfair pricing. The report states that following Vi’s complaint, both the telecom companies have been asked to respond to TRAI.

How did Airtel and Jio respond?

When the answer was sought, the answer also came. In the report quoting TRAI officials, it has been said that Airtel and Jio claim that their 5G service is not free, because customers have to recharge the 4G plan to use 5G. Airtel and Jio have also reportedly said that the cost of offering 1GB of 5G data is much less than that of 4G.

TRAI official told The Economic Times, "We had given notice to them (Jio and Airtel). He has replied and we will take a decision soon. At present, TRAI’s legal team, finance team and technical team are studying the matter." 

Airtel also accused Jio

Talking about subscription, Airtel recently accused Jio of offering unfair plans for its JioCinema platform. Actually,  IPL (

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