Viral Video: Arjit Singh went to Scooty to collect ration wearing simple clothes, slippers on his feet, it is difficult to recognize the singer in the video

Arijit Singh: Who does not know Arijit Singh. Playback singer Arijit’s voice resides in the hearts of his fans. Almost every song of Arijit is a super hit. In such a situation, you can think where every celebrity reaches this point and gets away from the ground, but Arjit is quite connected to the ground level. Along with Arijit’s voice, his humble nature is also highly praised. Recently a video of Arijit has surfaced from Murshidabad in Bengal. Seeing Arijit in the video going viral on social media, his fans are very happy to see the simplicity of the singer.

Arijit Singh got out of the scooter to get ration
It can be clearly seen in the viral video, a bag is visible in Arjit Singh’s hand. He is seen going to buy groceries. In such a situation, the singer is also seen talking to the people of his locality. Dressed in very simple clothes, Arjit keeps his bag in the scooty and after talking to the people of the locality leaves from the scooty. 


Fans got floored after seeing Arjit’s down to earth nature
Fans are not tired of praising Arjit after seeing his simple nature. Seeing one of the highest singers of the industry, Arijit in this look is quite surprising for his fans. Commenting on this video, a fan wrote, ‘Arijit Singh will win Ek Hi To Dil Hai Kitni Baar.’ Another wrote, “The heights of success they have achieved and still grounded..nay to kuch celeb chashmen laga ke niche dekhte hi nahi nahi after 4 or 5 hit songs.”, wrote a user. ‘simplicity level.’

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