VIRAL: Seeing the chocolate made with the flavor of crunchy onion and butter, the users were shocked, said…

Milk Chocolate Crispy Onion Bar:How many different flavors can a chocolate bar have? Of fruits, of nuts, it can contain choco chips. Can be any flavor like biscuit or cake. Even fruits, dry fruits, essence are fine. Now going beyond this flavor, if you get the flavor of vegetable, bhaji or salad in chocolate, would you like it? One such chocolate flavor has been launched in the market, knowing about which most of the netizens are getting very angry. If you know what is in this chocolate flavor, then maybe you will also get angry or maybe you will want to try this unique flavor.

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Onion and cheese flavor

Yes, you have read absolutely right. The flavor of onion and cheese has been mixed in this chocolate. Twitter user named Sathnam Sanghera has shared the image of this chocolate bar, whose wrapper also mentions the flavor from which this chocolate is prepared. It is clearly written on the wrapper that the chocolate has crispy onion, that is, crispy onion and cheese mix. Sharing this, Sathnam Sanghera has written that, he too likes chocolate, but cheese and onion crisps? He has termed it as the worst combination of chocolate in the world of confectionery. Tayto has launched this flavored chocolate in the name of Limited Edition, which is available in some outlets in Northern Ireland.

Netizens’ reaction

People are giving full reactions to this unique flavored chocolate, out of which angry emojis are seen in most of the reactions. One user wrote, ‘Noooooooooooo, who will eat such chocolate?’ One user wrote, ‘Don’t know how it would taste.’ One user wrote that, ‘I feel bad only after hearing this.’ However, some users have also shown interest in testing this chocolate, who wrote, ‘Will see after testing’.

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