Viral Pics: Woman orders biryani from Swiggy, chicken turns out in veg biryani, people put Swiggy’s class

Viral Swiggy Delivery Post:People openly vent their anger on social media. Recently, a complaint was made on social media by a woman about the small size of the pizza. This post went viral. After the pizza post, now the post of Biryani has become an internet sensation. Actually a woman had ordered veg biryani from the famous food delivery app, but found pieces of chicken in it. Natasha Bhardwaj has shared this post of Veg Biryani with her Twitter handle. The woman claims that she is a complete vegetarian and the food delivery app has broken her trust. The user has told his entire story on Twitter. Along with this, he also shared a picture of Veg Biryani and highlighted the piece of meat in it.

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People are stunned to see this post of the woman. “If you are a complete vegetarian (like me), think twice before ordering from @Swiggy,” the woman wrote in the post, adding that she had ordered veg biryani, which was clearly vegetarian. But when I received the order, the pieces of meat were removed in the rice.” The woman wrote in her post, such mistakes are unacceptable, especially when it comes to my beliefs.

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Even after the post went viral, the woman did not get any relief from Swiggy. According to the chat screenshot shared in the tweet, the restaurant refused to pay. The Swiggy executive said that the restaurant has clearly stated that the items are non-vegetarian and they do not know why it is marked as vegetarian on Swiggy. This post has been viewed over 160k times.

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Responding to the woman’s post, Swiggy said, “Hi Natasha, this kind of mix-up is not expected from our restaurant partners, and we would like to take a closer look. Can you help us with your order id?” ?”


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