Viral: Just 5 years of life, but alive, this person battling brain cancer has decided to travel America by bicycle

Viral News: On hearing the word cancer, fear first arises in the mind. In panic, a person starts thinking that it is difficult for the patient to survive, but there are many people who have defeated cancer on the strength of their courage. Such people remain an inspiration for cancer victims.  Something similar is also with Ian Liam Ward of America.

He has a serious disease like brain cancer. However, he remains the subject of discussion on social media for his cool lifestyle. After coming to know about his illness, Ian, known as ‘The King of Chemo’, has decided to cycle across America. He has also started it with a friend of his. Not only this, he is also collecting money for his treatment as well as for people suffering from cancer.

There is very little time left to breathe

Actually, in the year 2020, Ian came to know that he has brain cancer. His cancer is in the last stage. Doctors have told Ian that he has about five years left to live. In such a situation, Ian is undergoing treatment. However, even after suffering from such a serious disease, Ian Mastmaula lives life. Ian is known as ‘The King of Chemo’ on social media. 

Ian is rallying cancer victims 

Despite being in the last stage of brain cancer, you will not see any kind of tension on Ian’s face. Ian has been raising money since he was diagnosed with the disease. He wants to donate the money raised for cancer victims. He is currently bicycling across America with a friend, Eddie Phelan.


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Ian Liam Ward is very popular on social media. Here he shares things related to his life and journey. Recently, the list of followers has increased a lot. There are about 5 million followers of ‘The King of Chemo’ on Tick Talk. At the same time, he has more than nine lakh followers on Instagram. Ian continues to post on social media to make others laugh and inspire. 

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