VIRAL: How much spice in paneer butter? As much as America or as much as India, you will laugh after seeing the option

When you go to a food vendor and order food, a question often arises, how much to keep it spicy? Usually the options are low, medium or fast. An American restaurant asked a similar question to a young woman. This girl had ordered paneer butter masala online. In return, he was also asked to specify the spice level. The options given to tell the spice level are now becoming increasingly viral. This girl named Aditi Shekhar has shared the screenshot in which she was asked about the spice level.

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such were the options

In this screen shot you can see that the spice level asked is Zero Spice, American Mild, American Medium, American Spicy. Similarly Indian Mild, Indian Medium, Indian Spicy and Indian Very Spicy. Aditi Shekhar also couldn’t stop herself from sharing this option given according to the difference between the test of America and India. In its caption, Aditi Shekhar has written that, ordered Indian food from Bethesda and it is fun.

funny comment on spicy food

Some users are liking this method very much. One user wrote that, ‘This way of defining spicy food is right.’ One user wrote that, ‘Once…. bar tender was asked to make a spicy drink, it was faster than Indian Super Spicy.’ An American commented that, ‘When he goes to other restaurants and says that he likes spicy food, people do not believe him and give him less spicy food. But, it is fun to go with Indian or Asian friends.

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