VIDEO: Holding the bride’s hand at the time of farewell, brother started crying bitterly, people’s eyes became moist after seeing love

Indian Wedding Viral Video: At the time of farewell of the bride in marriage, tears often flow from the eyes of the family members. This is the time when the daughter leaves Babul’s house and mother’s home and becomes the Lakshmi of someone else’s house. This moment is very emotional for any family. This moment is also very emotional for brother and sister. Recently, one such video of bride’s farewell is attracting everyone’s attention on social media, in which brother is seen crying bitterly on sister’s farewell, seeing which users are also getting emotional.

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It can be seen in the video that the bride is leaving her maternal home and going to Piya’s house. During this, the bride sitting in the car looks very emotional. Meanwhile, during a ritual, the brother is pushing the sister’s car. That’s why the brother starts crying by holding the sister’s hand, which the family members seem to be keeping quiet. Seeing the sister’s departure, the brother could not hold back his tears and started crying profusely. Anyone really gets emotional after watching this video.

Wedding day is the most important day of their life for every girl and her family members. During this, on the one hand there is happiness on the faces of the bride and her family members, on the other hand there is sadness of separation from each other. Recently, one such farewell video is coming out, seeing which your eyes will probably also become moist. This video is being shared on the social media platform Instagram with an account named everythingaboutnepal, seeing which the users are also getting emotional. More than five thousand people have liked this video so far. Users are giving different reactions after watching the video.

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