VIDEO: Farmer harvested wheat in minutes by applying desi jugaad, 1 million users were impressed by the creativity

Wheat Crop Desi Indian Jugaad Video: India is an agricultural country, where farmers (farmer desi jugaad) work hard day and night to produce all kinds of crops in the fields. These days the wheat harvesting season is going on, for which farmers (farmers) take the help of all kinds of machines, even after that it takes a lot of time. Recently, an interesting video of farmer field reaper is coming out, in which a man is seen harvesting wheat very comfortably. During this, seeing the desi style adopted by the person, even the social media users are not tired of praising the creativity of the person.

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In this amazing video, which is becoming increasingly viral, a farmer (farmer viral videos) is seen harvesting wheat in a jiffy with the help of a unique jugaad yantra with his creativity, which you can see. Will also be surprised. Social media users are also surprised to see the farmer harvesting wheat with a unique jugaad in the video. It can be seen in the video that how the farmer is harvesting wheat in a desi style, that too very fast. Actually, the farmer has put some harvesting machine in the pole, with the help of which the crop is seen to be cut in one stroke. Although some people are seen cutting wheat by tying a machine to a tractor, while some are seen cutting wheat with a compound machine, but the desi jugaad seen in this recently surfaced video is really amazing, which is being liked by the people.

This amazing video was shared on the social media platform Twitter (Twitter videos) by an account named @TansuYegen, which is being seen and liked a lot. This video was shared on March 15 last year. So far 1 million people have watched this video, while more than 35 thousand people have liked this video. Users who have seen the video are giving different reactions on it.

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