US Teenager Cannibals: An 18-year-old boy from America killed his entire family, preparing to eat after killing

US Teenager Cannibals: News keeps coming in America about such incidents, hearing about which the senses of the common man will fly away. Sometimes there was a shootout in broad daylight or sometimes there was an incident of poisoning. Meanwhile, in Texas, USA, an 18-year-old boy has been arrested for killing members of his own family.

According to police information, an 18-year-old boy living in Texas was a cannibal, who wanted to kill and eat family members. The teen also killed his 5-year-old brother, reports The New York Post.

The accused called the police

Texas police officer received a report on Tuesday (May 23) that a man is trying to harm his own family and is also threatening to kill himself. The boy, Cesar Olde, was found barricading inside his home with several people dead inside it, reports AP news agency.

After this the police took the accused into custody. According to the information recorded in the affidavit, Nash Police Officer Craig Buster said that the accused called the police and told that he killed his family members by shooting with a gun. After Olde was caught, the police persuaded him to surrender. 

Dead bodies of all the members in the bathroom

When the police investigated the house, they found that the dead bodies of the boy’s parents (Ruben Olalde and Aida Garcia), elder sister (Lisbet Olalde) and younger brother (Oliver Olalde) were in a bathroom. It appeared to police that the victims had been killed in different parts of the house.

Several shell casings were found on the floor of the house. Blood splatters were found on the ground. A co-worker of the elder sister of the accused told the police that when she did not turn up for work, he went to her house, where the accused youth pointed a gun at her. Neighbor Robert Ward described the victims as very nice and hardworking people.

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