US Shooting: The father was quarreling with the mother, the child called for help, the policeman shot the innocent

Cops Killed Child: A shocking incident has been witnessed in the state of Mississippi in the United States, where an 11-year-old child was shot dead by a policeman. You will be shocked to know the reason behind the shooting. Actually, the innocent boy had called 911 and sought help from the police. After which the policeman who came to help shot him. 

Eleven-year-old was seriously injured due to the bullet, who was rushed to the nearest hospital in a hurry. However, now the minor boy is out of danger. According to media reports, an officer of the Indianola Police Department shot a boy named Adrian Murry in the chest on Saturday. After the incident, the victim’s family is demanding the dismissal of the accused police officer. 

The boy’s mother, Nakala Muri, said, “An officer with the Indianola Police Department shot Adrian in the chest on Saturday morning after the officer arrived at the boy’s home to a domestic disturbance call,” reports CNN. was.”

Mother told me to call the police 

Muri said that she asked her son to call the police at 4 am on Saturday as her husband was quarreling with her and was also assaulting her. On which Muri asked his son to call the police and grandmother. On which the 11-year-old child first called the police.  

Gate shot as soon as it opened 

CNN quoted Muri as saying, the officer who came to his aid was agitated over something. He called out, kicking at the door. As soon as Adrian came out, the policeman shot him. After which the injured boy was hurriedly taken to the hospital, where he is undergoing treatment. The police is now probing why the policeman fired. 

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