US Ro Khanna: ‘Russia has become a friend of China, will not help India on border dispute’, why America said – we are the only reliable

US Ro Khanna Over India Relation With Russia: Ro Khanna, an Indian-origin member of Congress in America, has said that in the wake of the war in Ukraine, Russia’s close relations with China It is unlikely that India will look to Russia as a safe ally.

US leader Ro Khanna on Tuesday (April 25) while interacting with a group of journalists during an event in the afternoon said that Indian Americans in Congress should aim to deepen ties.

America is a more trusted partner for India 
Ro Khanna said that I do not think that given the close relations between Russia and China, India can defend against a possible attack on its border in Asia. For this Russia will be seen as a safe friend. They (Indians) know that the US can prove to be a more reliable partner for India in resolving the border dispute with China.

He said that it is in India’s interest to engage more strongly with the US in terms of the best defense against China. According to him, it has been an important factor in India’s foreign policy.

India did not condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine
Ro Khanna said that India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has made it clear that this does not mean that he is against our interests in America. Will follow suit, but want to join us for the time being, because they see it as strategically important.

Unlike the Quad’s partner countries, India has not condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine and it has not even participated in the voting on the resolutions brought in the United Nations forums against Russia’s attack. Ro Khanna is hosting the first-of-its-kind US-India conference as co-chair of the Congressional India Caucus.

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