US Presidential Election: Will Biden contest the presidential election for the second time in 2024 or not? know everything

US Presidential Election: US President Joe Biden said on Friday (April 14) that he has decided to contest for a second term. However, he will formally announce his election campaign soon. Biden told reporters during his visit to Ireland, "The journey here has strengthened my spirit. I told you that I plan to contest the elections again." Actually Biden has intended to contest the presidential election again for a very long time.
Election preparations begin behind the scenes
Joe Biden for a long time He was telling them that he intended to run for re-election, but his supporters were in doubt due to the lack of a formal announcement. People were wondering whether 80-year-old Biden would be ready to contest the presidential election again. Although the story behind the scenes is telling something else.

Biden’s allies have started taking steps to strengthen infrastructure and donations for the campaign related to the presidential election to be held in the year 2024. If seen in this way, Biden will stand in the election against Republican Party leader and former President Donald Trump. Donald Trump  has already started its campaign.

The oldest president in US history

Joe Biden is 80 years old now. He is the oldest President in American history. Doctors had done health-related tests of Biden in February. After this it was announced that  He is fit for duty. He exercises five times a week.

The White House says that his record shows that he is mentally sharp enough for his work. However, despite this, his re-election is a historic step.

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