US Crime: 17-year-old girl raped two minor children, arrested along with mother

US Crime News: It is generally seen or heard that a woman or a girl has been raped by a man, but in America it has been seen exactly the opposite. Here a 17-year-old girl has been accused of raping two minor boys. One of the victims is 10 years old and the other is 14 years old. The incident is from Mississippi, USA. 

According to the report of Daily Mail, the police told that the accused girl has been taken into custody. She has been identified as 17-year-old Amiracle Morgan. Not only this, the police have also registered a case against the mother of the accused girl. Columbus Police Chief Joseph Daughtry said the teenager (Amiracle) allegedly predicted the incident on Mother’s Day. 

Rape in front of other kids 

According to the police, the accused girl carried out the shameful act in front of the other children. After the incident, the children complained about it to the police and relatives. After which the accused girl thrashed the children who complained. Amiracle Morgan, 17, has been taken into custody by police after admitting to engaging in sexual activity with two underage boys. Along with this, the mother of the accused has been arrested for assaulting the children who informed about the incident.

The case will be tried as an adult 

According to the report of Daily Mail, the police has made it clear that no concession will be given if the accused girl is a minor. The case against the girl child will proceed in the same way as against the adult i.e. mature (adult) accused. Now the next hearing of this matter is on 8 June 2023.

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