US: America had left American dogs there while leaving Afghanistan, there was a ruckus on Trump’s statement

Donald Trump: Former US President Donald Trump is once again in headlines due to his statement. In fact, during an interview recently, Trump had made a serious allegation against the current US President Joe Biden administration. Trump had claimed that we had fled Afghanistan because of the fear of China. Also, we took the help of the darkness of the night for this. 

Donald Trump had recently told Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson in an interview that American soldiers had left their combat ‘officer’ dogs in Afghanistan while leaving the country. This disclosure of Trump is very shocking because dogs are not only very much liked in America, but on the contrary, dogs are strongly hated in Afghanistan. In such a situation, Trump’s statement is a bit surprising. 

Soldiers fled in a hurry leaving behind equipment 

In his interview, Trump said that America surrendered in Afghanistan because of China. He further claimed that we left equipment worth US$ 85 billion there. This statement of Trump is becoming fiercely viral on social media. 

I will not leave Bagram: Trump 

Trump has further said that I had decided to leave Afghanistan but I do not leave Bagram (a district in Parwan province of Afghanistan). We made a mistake by leaving Bagram. This is the area from where China was making nuclear weapons one hour away. Here is the world’s largest air force camp, where the runway is only 10 thousand feet long. 

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