The country will soon get the nasal vaccine, who will get this vaccine, what are its specialties? Know the answer to every question

Amidst the havoc of Corona infection wreaking havoc across the world, India is soon going to get the first covid vaccine to be given through the nose. Intranasal Kovid-19 vaccine ‘INCOVAC’ (INCOVACC) is an indigenous vaccine i.e. it has been manufactured in India only. Bharat Biotech has prepared this vaccine. The Incovac Intranasal Corona Vaccine will be launched on the occasion of Republic Day i.e. on 26 January. The company’s chairman and managing director Krishna Illa gave this information. There will be many questions in your mind regarding this vaccine like – what is its specialty, where will it be available, how will it be available, how many doses will it be, etc.. We are going to answer these questions below. < /p>

What is special about INCOVAK?

The INCOVAK vaccine was evaluated in Phase I, II and III clinical trials with successful results. The manufacturer states that the intranasal vaccine stimulates a broad immune response, such as IgG, mucosal IgA and neutralizing T cell responses. It initiates an immune response in the nasal mucosa and may help prevent infection and transmission of Covid. This is a needle-free vaccine, which means that injections will not be used for this. It will be given directly through the nose. 

What should I do before receiving the INCOVAK vaccine?

Before receiving the INCOVAK vaccine, you must tell the vaccination provider about the medicines you are currently taking. All the information related to your medicine and disease will have to be given. If you have an allergy problem, then you have to tell about it too. Apart from this, how is your immunity, also keep this in mind. It would be right to tell about your covid vaccination dose till now, information about getting pregnant, blood related problems etc., so that you can stay away from any risk.

In which condition you cannot take this vaccine?

Incovac vaccine cannot be given to people who are below 18 years of age. This breed vaccine will also not be given to those people who have got a severe allergic reaction after vaccination or have had serious problems due to the previous covid vaccination. The nasal vaccine cannot be given to people who have a severe infection or fever. 

How is this vaccine given?

Incovac will be given as a 2-dose series. The gap between the two doses will be 4 weeks. Total 4-4 drops per dose will be given to the person. Means 4-4 drops will be given in both the nostrils.

Can INCOVAK be taken as a booster dose?

Yes, INCOVAK Vaccine can be taken as a booster dose. Bharat Biotech says that this vaccine will be given to people aged 18 years and above only after 6 months of being fully vaccinated with Covishield or Covaxin.   

Side Effects

The common side effects seen after administration of Incovac Vaccine are headache, fever, runny nose and sneezing. Bharat Biotech says that serious allergic reactions can occur very rarely after taking a dose of Incovac. However, no such events were reported in the clinical trials of INCOVAK.

How much does the vaccine cost

Bharat Biotech had announced in December last year that it would sell this intranasal vaccine to the government at the rate of Rs 325 per dose. Whereas for private vaccination centers it will cost Rs 800 per dose. 

Where will this vaccine be used?

This vaccine will be installed in private hospitals including government hospitals. Apart from this, the vaccine will also be applied in health centers.

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