“Ultaa Chor Kotwal Ko Dante”: Union Minister On Arvind Kejriwal’s ‘Honest’ Comment

Political rhetoric has intensified after the CBI summons to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in the liquor policy case. After receiving the summons, Kejriwal had described himself as an ‘honest man’, on which Union Minister Anurag Thakur has retaliated. Kejriwal’s statement has been described by Anurag Thakur as a perfect example of ‘Ultaa Chor Kotwal Ko Dante’. Please tell that the CBI has sent summons to Kejriwal and called him for questioning on Sunday in the liquor policy case.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur has rejected Kejriwal’s claims regarding misuse of CBI by the Centre. In a tweet, Thakur said, “AAP Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s corrupt face has been exposed. He should tell the CBI how much money he and his associates made from the liquor scam. Ironically, the one who headed the cabinet of corrupt ministers Kejriwal is calling himself the only honest man in India. Perfect example of scolding the thief in reverse.”

Kejriwal said today that he will go to the CBI office tomorrow. He said, “If Arvind Kejriwal is corrupt then no one is honest in this world, but if BJP has ordered CBI to arrest me then CBI will definitely follow their instructions.” Manish Sisodia was arrested last month on charges of alleged corruption in Delhi’s liquor policy case. This policy was later withdrawn.

BJP leaders have denied misuse of central agencies to target the opposition. Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the CBI on 4 April that no one should be spared in fighting corruption. Amid allegations from opposition parties, including the Congress, PM Modi told CBI officials in Delhi, “The country is with you.” Congress and opposition parties are constantly alleging that the Center is misusing agencies to harass BJP’s opponents.

The Delhi government has called a special session of the assembly on Monday to discuss the CBI summons to Kejriwal.

The CBI alleged that changes were made in Delhi’s liquor policy at the behest of a lobby in return for a bribe of Rs 30 crore. Manish Sisodia was also handling the Excise portfolio. The CBI said it is focusing on the alleged influence of the “South lobby” of politicians and businessmen to swing the liquor policy in their favor with the help of middlemen, businessmen and bureaucrats.

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