UK: Delivery driver came under his own van to catch the thief, died painfully after being dragged 700 meters

UK: A shocking road accident has been witnessed in Britain. In fact, a delivery driver was dragged under his van for 800 yards (about 730 meters) which resulted in his death. According to media reports, the delivery driver died while saving his car from the thief. This accident was very painful, after seeing which people lost their senses. 

According to local reports, the incident is from Cardiff, UK. Here a delivery driver became a victim of a road accident. The matter is of 28 March. When a 54-year-old man named Mark Lang was delivering parcels in Cardiff, he saw that his van was stolen by a thief. Mark immediately rushed to stop the thief. He tried his best to stop the van but he could not succeed. While stopping the vehicle, he got trapped in the van itself, the thief dragged him for 800 yards in his own vehicle. Mark was seriously injured in this. 

Death after two weeks of recovery 

Killer arrested 

Although the guilty person (31-year-old Christopher Elgifari) was arrested in this case, who has already appeared in the court. A case of attempt to murder has been registered against him. If the report is to be believed, after the death of Mark, the charges against Algifari will be changed and will be presented again in the court. Till then Elghifari will be kept in custody.

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