Udaariyaan 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Ekam apologizes to Harleen

Udaariyaan 14th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nimmo saying the dhaba owner will be coming now, I need his permission to keep you here. Nehmat recalls Ekam and cries. Ekam looks for Harleen. Harleen eats chillies and cries. She recalls everything. Ekam comes and stops her. He wipes her tears. He gets a glass of water. He apologizes to her. He asks will you have aloo paratha, I will prepare it, I know it. Nimmo says I have kept a girl to cook food at the dhaba. Daler asks who will trust a girl, you are sweet, other girls are sweet poison. Nehmat hears him. He says you are a lioness, girls these days break hearts. She says she is good hearted, not all the girls are same. She asks Nehmat to get the paratha. Nehmat turns and sees him. Daler sees Nehmat and taunts her. Nimmo praises Nehmat. He asks Daler to have food and say how is it. Daler eats the paratha.

He says the chutney is very spicy. Nimmo says he is Sartaj, its his dhaba. He asks her to eat the food and try. He says the flour had fallen, flour is less and attitude is more. Nimmo tastes the food and says its tasty. He asks her to eat it. Ekam says paratha is ready. He insists her to eat it. She says I know you are going through a lot, I respect your feelings, never make me feel that I don’t exist, that I m something you will leave anywhere anytime. Nehmat says you have praised Sartaj, but he has no manners to talk to girls. Nimmi says he is good, but he doesn’t appear so. Nehmat says he is a goon, you don’t know him. Nimmo laughs. She says he isn’t such, you don’t know people. Ekam and Abir are at the dargah. Ekam cries and says I m hurting Harleen. Abir says you sit here for some time, you will get peace. Ekam says I will never get peace. Nimmo says he will come and you see, his anger will be gone, he will forget everything, one has to read someone’s heart to know him. Ekam gets blessed. Baba ji asks him to take a step ahead and life will hug him. Nimmo asks Nehmat to live life from a fresh point. Ekam comes to Harleen. She asks him to have food. Ekam says you might be hungry too, can we share the food, you can do anything. They share the paratha. She asks him to have food.

Ekam says sorry Harleen, I don’t feel good after hurting you. She says its okay, it happens sometimes. He says no, I did wrong. She says your punishment is that you will get the smaller share of the pickles. He smiles. They hide their sorrow and smile. Udaariyaan…plays….

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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