TRAI: Now you will be able to easily differentiate between fake and work calls, companies will get a unique number series

Unique Number series to commercial calls: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India had sent a proposal to the Department of Telecommunication in which TRAI had talked about allotting a unique number series to companies so that people can make promotional and work calls. Be able to differentiate between calls. DOT has given green signal to this proposal of TRAI. Means now soon people will be able to identify the work call coming from bank or any product based company on the basis of number.

At present, if such a call is received, people are unable to differentiate between it because the number of a work call and a fake call is the same. To eliminate this problem, TRAI had prepared this new proposal. Soon TRAI will come up with a detailed guideline in this regard. Each company will be allotted a unique number series and when a person receives a call from this number, he will be able to see on his screen that the call is about a particular subject. At present, 140 number series have been allotted to telemarketing companies, but even in this, people are unable to differentiate which call is related to service and which call is for sales promotion. In such a situation, the person likes to disconnect the phone, the matter of work remains. But now after the new update, a unique number series will be allotted to the companies and you will be able to differentiate them easily. 

Unregistered telemarketers to be blocked immediately 

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