Tomato Ketchup: Do not feel like eating without ketchup… know its disadvantages here too

Tomato Ketchup Side Effects: Ketchup is a big part of junk food. Items like chowmein, burger do not taste good without ketchup. Be it children or adults, they eat these junk foods with ketchup with great gusto. On the other hand, children usually take ketchup with bread, roti or any diet. Being sweet and sour in taste, it looks very tasty. But many times it is eaten in excess in the matter of taste. Now ketchup is just going to be eaten. Do you know its disadvantages too? Eating ketchup can also cause many health-related problems. 

Diabetes can occur 

Many types of chemicals and preservatives are used in making tomato ketchup. is done. Sugar is also very high in it. Where obesity can increase by eating ketchup, diabetes can also make home. Is. Along with sweetness, there is also a feeling of more sourness. Excessive consumption of this can also cause high blood pressure ie hypertension. 

Acidity can be a problem

Many types of chemicals are used in tomato ketchup. This can cause acidity and gas related problems in the stomach. The problem of burning can also become. 

Nutrients of tomatoes get destroyed

Health expert says that the process through which tomato ketchup is made. It destroys all the nutrients of tomato. There is no benefit from this. 

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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