This disease is spreading rapidly in children, more dangerous than corona … If you see these symptoms, go to the hospital immediately

On one hand, the havoc of Corona in the country is not taking the name of stopping. On the other hand, symptoms of a different type of disease are being seen in children. As the heat is increasing, the complaints of vomiting and upset stomach of children are increasing. Everyday small children are reaching the OPD of the hospital with this complaint. On one hand, patients with mild symptoms of corona are recovering at home. At the same time, the number of such children is increasing day by day. Those who have vomiting and diarrhea problems. The condition of these children is getting so bad that they are being admitted to the hospital. 

According to the news published in Network 18, it is not a serious disease but a seasonal disease. All the children who are coming to the OPD of the hospital with vomiting and upset stomach due to cough and fever. He is not corona positive. Most of them are viral fever patients. 

What to do&zwj parents

Don’t feed cut fruits

to children In this season, don’t feed cut fruits hours before by mistake. Especially keep fruits and watermelons with juice away from them.

Don’t cut fruits from the market immediately and give them to children

In this changing season, if you bring any fruit from the market, cut it immediately. Do not give it to children, but let it stay in water for a while. 

Don’t give dirty water to drink

Give clean water to children, don’t drink dirty water even by mistake Give Always keep in mind that give only clean and filtered water to children. Give water only after boiling and cooling it.

Don’t take the children out

In the month of April, the heat is intensifying in the afternoon. At that time keep the child in coolness. Do not take out or do not let go. If children are taken outside, their temperature will increase, this will worsen their health. 

Do not sit in AC immediately after coming from outside

Do not sit in AC immediately after coming from outside and Nor make the child sit. Sitting in AC from direct sunlight can be harmful for your health. 

Use less AC

Try to use AC less. Use AC in the afternoon. And stay in the fan during morning and evening. This will improve the health of both you and your child. 

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or related expert.

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