This 6 man announcement happened in Microsoft Build 2023, it became the default search engine of ChatGPT instead of Google

Microsoft Build 2023: Microsoft Build 2023 started on Tuesday. The tech giant made several announcements expanding the use of AI to its other apps and services, including Windows 11, Microsoft 365. Microsoft also told about Jugalbandi. It is a multilingual AI chatbot, which will inform rural people about government schemes through WhatsApp. In the man session of MicrosoftBuild 2023, CEO Satya Nadella announced AI Copilot stack, Copilot for Windows 11, Bing search experience for ChatGPT. Let’s know this man’s announcement. 

AI Copilot for Windows 11

Microsoft is bringing its AI Copilot to Windows 11. This is the same personal assistant that the company already integrates into Edge, Office apps and GitHub. CoPilot will be in the taskbar.

MICROSOFT 365 Copilot 

For Microsoft 365, the AI ​​assistant will now support three main types of plug-ins, including Teams message extensions, Power Platform connectors, and tools that use ChatGPT’s technology. Users can also choose from a number of third-party plug-ins, such as those from Atlassian and Adobe.

Edge with 365 Copilot integration

The company is bringing 365 Copilot to Edge. Tool, which will be inside the sidebar of the browser. The company said it wants to make Edge the top browser for business.

Microsoft Edge for Business

To support the hybrid work environment, the tech company has introduced Microsoft Edge for Business. This version will provide enterprise-grade controls, security features and productivity enhancements. Edge for Business can be activated through an Azure Active Directory (AAD) login.

AI upgrade for Windows Terminal

Now, Windows Terminal will have an AI-powered chatbot with GitHub Copilot. Developers can now use the chatbot directly within Terminal to perform various tasks, receive code recommendations, and explain errors.

Bing – now ChatGPT’s default search engine

OpenAI will make Bing the default search engine in its ChatGPT chatbot. Starting May 23, ChatGPT Plus users will also see Bing suggestions along with the chatbot’s answers. 

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