These 6 South stars spread across the country with just one film, Pan India debut with Prabhas, then their fate opened

Pan india star: South cinema is now one of the most admired industries. Gone are the days when no one recognized South actors, directors and technicians. Because now people across the country eagerly wait for South’s films. But the audience could recognize the talent of the stars there when their films were released in every language. One film is enough to change everything and SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali proved it. Due to the blockbuster film, today the South Film Industry has crossed all limits in terms of performance and blockbuster records. Now South cinema has reached global fame and this has given rise to the word Pan India. However, here we are telling you about those South stars who became Pan India stars with just one film and now the audience across the country eagerly waits for each of their films.

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