There is pain in the opposite hand or there is always a feeling of fatigue, these normal looking problems can be a sign of cardiac arrest.

Cardiac Arrest Symptoms: The number of cardiac arrest patients has increased rapidly in the last few years, in which heart stroke, heart attack, blockage or other problems are very common. But people feel that cardiac arrest comes suddenly, which is not known beforehand. But if you take care of these small things and do not ignore these signs, then you can easily identify the symptoms of heart attack or cardiac arrest and can avoid it to a great extent.

Persistent chest pain 

If you are having chest pain without doing any exercise or running or lifting heavy things, then you should understand that it is a serious condition and you should see a doctor.

pain in opposite arm 

An early sign of heart attack is also that you have pain in the opposite hand. Even if you do not do any physical activity, there is sudden or intermittent pain in the opposite arm.


When there is a fluctuation in the heart rate, a person may faint. If this condition persists for a long time and you start fainting or feel dizzy then it can also be a sign of cardiac arrest.

Breathing problem 

If you start breathing even after walking a little or you feel difficulty in breathing while sleeping, then you should consult a doctor immediately, because it can be a problem of heart or lungs.

Persistent Weakness 

Even without doing any hard work, if you always feel tired and weak and you get dizzy again and again. If you cannot do any work well and get tired, then you need to be alert, because it can be a sign of cardiac arrest.
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