The thirsty sparrow was lying unconscious in the scorching sun, the person saved his life like this, people are praising the kind hearted person

These days people everywhere are troubled by the scorching heat, along with humans animals are also in bad condition. To get relief from the heat, humans try to do something or the other, but what to do with the poor birds and animals, whose natural resources have been encroached upon by humans. There was a time when people used to keep grains, water for birds outside the houses or on the balconies and roofs of the house, but now it is rarely seen. This is the reason why now the birds keep wandering here and there in the scorching heat and sun due to hunger and thirst and their condition becomes bad. One such video is going viral on social media, which you must also watch.

This viral video has been shared on Twitter by a page named @TheFigen_. It is written in the caption – Giving life to the living being is priceless. In the video, you can see that a man is giving water to a sparrow who is suffering in the hot sun. The bird’s condition became so bad due to thirst that it was difficult for him to get up. In such a situation, while walking on the way, a person saw him in a bad condition and stopped and gave him water from a bottle cap. The bird also started drinking water immediately and as soon as the water went inside, the bird slowly got up and stood up. It is clearly known by seeing that the bird came to life as soon as it drank water.

Watch Video:

People are liking this video very much. Everyone is giving respect and praising this good hearted person who saved the life of the bird. The video has been viewed more than 5 lakh times so far. And has been liked more than 20 thousand times. One user commented – Every life is precious. Another wrote – What a beautiful scene. If that person had not helped the bird, the bird might have died. Therefore, help the animals and birds around you in the scorching heat and take care of them like you do. If possible, make arrangements for food and water for them around or outside your home. What is your opinion about this video? Tell me by commenting.

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