The milk of this animal contains more intoxication than alcohol, it is considered dangerous for humans, this is the reason

Most of the houses in India have a special place for milk. There would be hardly any person who has never touched milk till date. As soon as we come into the world, we first drink our mother’s milk. As the children grow up, they are again fed cow’s and buffalo’s milk. Most of the people in India drink cow’s or buffalo’s milk only. Because essential nutrients are found in plenty in it. Although there are some people who like goat’s milk more. Nutrition is found in all these varieties of milk. But do you know that there is an animal whose milk can make you more intoxicated than alcohol? Even if you do not believe us, but it is true. 

Actually, the animal whose milk gets intoxicated like alcohol, that animal is none other than a female elephant or female elephant. Yes elephant. According to the information, up to 60 percent alcohol is found in elephant’s milk. It has been claimed in many reports that elephant likes sugarcane juice or sugarcane very much. That’s why they consume it a lot. Since the presence of many such elements is found in sugarcane, which contains alcohol. This is the reason why elephant’s milk contains alcohol, drinking which intoxicates. 

This milk is dangerous for humans!

Some researchers also believe that elephant milk is dangerous for humans or not drinkable at all. This is because the kind of chemicals found in elephant’s milk can make humans ill or harm them in different ways. In fact, along with protein, fat is also found in large quantities in the milk of a female elephant, which can prove to be very difficult for humans to digest. Even if they try to digest it, there is a risk of damage to the digestive system.

Alcohol is present in elephant milk

With the changing season, the amount of protein in the milk of female elephant goes on increasing. A normal elephant eats about 150 kg of food daily. You will be surprised to know that elephants keep on eating something or the other for 12-18 hours every day. In many reports, the presence of alcohol in elephant’s milk has been rightly told. While many research reports have also rejected this fact. In such a situation, nothing can be said about how much truth is there in this claim.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or related expert.

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