The maid got such an expensive thing as a tip, people were shocked to see that even people could not buy it.

Youtuber MrBeast is receiving a lot of backlash on Instagram for his new viral video, in which he claims to have gifted a waitress at a restaurant a new car with logos promoting his business ventures. With 139 million subscribers, Mr Beast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, is the most followed YouTuber in the world.

In a 42-second video uploaded on Monday, he talked about giving the biggest tip he’s ever given to a waitress named Amy, to which he replied that the biggest tip he’d ever received was $50.

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Donaldson asked again as he handed her the keys to a black Toyota car. “Has anyone ever tipped a car?”

Mr. Beast then asked her what he was going to give her before getting her into the new car. The Feastables logo of his chocolate company is made on the side of the car.

This video got almost 11 million views, more than 10 lakh likes and more than 8000 comments. People commented appreciating the work done by him.

One user commented, “I love watching Mr. Beast’s videos, keep up the amazing work!” One user commented, “Stop being nice, nobody cares.”

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