The Kerala Story BO Day 20: The decline in the earnings of ‘The Kerala Story’ continues, the collection on the 20th day is also very low

The Kerala Story BO Day 20: The film ‘The Kerala Story’, directed by Sudipto Sen, was released in theaters on 5 May. Surrounded by all the controversies, this film has been earning hugely at the box office since then and has also become the second biggest hit film of the year. However, a huge decline has been recorded in the earnings of this film, which crossed the 200 crore mark in 18 days of its release. The collection of the film started on the 19th day i.e. on the third Tuesday. Let’s know here how much business ‘The Kerala Story’ has done on the 20th day i.e. third Wednesday of its release?

The Kerala Story’ How many crores has earned on 20day?
Adah Sharma starrer film ‘The Kerala Story’ The second film of the year 2023 has been made. Although the film’s earnings have now started decreasing. On the 19th day of its release, ‘The Kerala Story’ did a business of only 3.5 crores. Which is the lowest collection of the film so far. At the same time, the estimated figures of the film’s 20th day’s earnings have also come.

According to SACNILK’s early trend report ‘The Kerala Story’ Has earned Rs 3.20 crore on the third Wednesday i.e. 20th day of release. With this, the total collection of the film has now gone up to Rs 210.17 crore. Although these are approximate figures, there may be slight changes after the official numbers come.

Focused on three girls ‘The Kerala Story’  
Directed by Sudipto Sen, ‘The Kerala Story’  Focused on three girls. They are brainwashed and converted and then they are included in ISIS. The film had to face a lot of controversies even before its release, many political parties had raised objections regarding its content and the demand for its ban was also raised. However, after the release of the film, the audience gave it a lot of love. Even the ban imposed on the film by the West Bengal government was lifted by the Supreme Court.

Adah Sharma has done strong acting in the film
Talking about the star cast of the film, Yogita Bihani, Siddhi Idani and Sonia Balani have played important roles along with Adah Sharma. . Adah Sharma’s acting in the film has been highly praised.

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