The farmer made a strong effort to plant a plant in the field, two farmers together will do the work of ten! People said – smart work

Jugaad Video: No one can predict when and what will go viral on social media. Sometimes someone makes a car into a helicopter, and sometimes someone makes a cooler out of a brick with juggling. Now one such new Jugaad Video is going viral, seeing which everyone is surprised. In this video, a person has done something with Jugaad, seeing which everyone is surprised. It is shown in the video how the farmer has made his work easier by making jugaad to plant saplings in the field.

This jugaad of the farmer is so good that there will be no need to dig a pit with a spade in it. If the dam is ready, then the work of many hours will be completed in a jiffy. Through this jugaad, time as well as money will be saved and there will be no need to find labourers. This jugaad video shared on social media is attracting people’s attention. In the video you can see that the work of planting saplings is going on in the field. But for this work, neither laborers are visible in the field nor anyone is seen working with hands.

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Usually 4-5 laborers are required to plant a plant or plant seeds in the field, first a mound of loose soil is prepared, so that there is no need to dig a pit. Then saplings are planted in this ridge by keeping a distance from one line. A lot of money and time is spent for this work. But the way plants are being planted in this Jugaad video which is going viral is amazing.

In the video you can see that a person is holding something like an iron cone in his hands. Which is made with the help of rope and stick. One person very comfortably inserts this tool into the soil and the other person puts a plant inside the cone. The special thing is that there is no need to use hands for this. This video has been shared on Twitter on @TheFigen_. The video has been viewed more than 1 lakh times so far.

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