Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Sahiba Gets Doubtful on Seerat and Santosh

Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sahiba tells Ajith and Taiji that they all will enjoy butter parathas with black tea. Neighbors walk in and say Sahiba forgot them after going to her in-laws’ house. They forcefully offer her milk. They taunt Santosh that she didn’t inform them that Seerat has returned home, her all 3 daughters are their dear ones, they are worried when they learnt about suicide attempt, did she attempt suicide because of the boy she eloped with. Santosh thanks them for coming and asks them to leave as she is not in a position to speak. Neighbor says they are friends and want to help her punish a culprit. Santosh says we will decide what to do, so they can leave. Sahiba confronts them to stop mocking them instead of criticizing them, they are mud slinging on Seerat instead of supporting her. Neighbors cuss and walk away.

Angad sits in garden sadly. Inder walks to him with tea and says Manveer told himx what happened at the hospital, he should take a break from work and live his sorrows instead of hiding from them. Angad says its like running away from his problem. Inder says its not his mistake that he loved a girl and she betrayed him. Angad recalls Seerat telling that she didn’t accept his love. Inder insists him to take a break from work until he finds peace and live for himself. He says he ruined his life because of his father’s adamancy and can’t see his son suffering like him. Angad says his work is everything for him and over time, everything will be alright. Seerat hears their conversation hiding.

Sahiba, lost in thoughts, burns her hand while cooking. Keerat notices that and dips her hand in cold water and asks her to stop thinking about Seerat as she deserves what she is going through. Sahiba says its that boy’s mistake who provoked Seerat to elope with him and then dumped her. Keerat asks why don’t Seerat reveal that boy’s name. Sahiba says maybe due to some fear or pressure from someone, they will have to find out that boy’s name at any cost. Keerat promises to help her. Santosh hears their conversation and thinks she shouldn’t let Sahiba know that Garry is that boy.

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