Teri Meri Doriyaan 15th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Angad Probes Seerat

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Garry asks Angad to go home and rest while he stays at the hospital. Angad says he will stay back and asks Garry to handle client meeting as he trusts him. Garry fumes thinking how to send Angad from here and stop him from questioning Seerat. Nurse informs Angad that the patient regained her senses and they can meet her. Angad and Sahiba walk into Seerat’s room and ask how is she. Garry hopes Seerat doesn’t reveal his name, calls Angad’s number from his phone, and in lieu of giving phone to Angad, walks into Seerat’s room and signals her to keep quiet. He hands over phone to Seerat and asks her to take care of herself. Seerat turns her face around. Garry walks out and calls someone. Ajith and family return and ask Garry if he saw Angad and Seerat. Garry says they are inside Seerat’s room as she regained her senses.

Angad asks Seerat why did she take such an extreme step. Sahiba asks her to open up. Seerat asks there is nothing left to speak. Family walks in. Santosh asks her how is she feeling now. Ajith says as a father, he should have corrected her, but instead he kicked her out of the house. Seerat says he did right and apologizes them all for troubling them. Angad says she is right and insists everyone to go out and let him question Seerat. Santosh says they can understand his state of mind, he can go ahead. Sahiba says Seerat just regained her senses, he should question her later. Angad gets adamant. Sahiba walks out with family.

Angad asks Seerat why did she betray him and eloped with someone else, who was that boy for whom she left him. Garry hearing their conversation over phone prays god that she doesn’t take his name. Seerat recalls Garry’s misbehavior and says there was a guy whose name.. Angad insists to tell him the name. Sahiba tells family that they should be with Seerat and protect her from Angad mentally pressurizing her and walks towards Seerat’s room. Angad insists to tell him that man’s name. Seerat lies that she she went by herself and apologizes him for the problems he faced because of her. Garry thinks she is a big liar, why did she hide his name though. Seerat tells Angad that god is punishing by making her homeless and suffering. She apologizes Angad with folded hands.

Angad recalls their first meeting, their engagement, etc. Sahiba opens door. Angad says he truly loved her, and when she doesn’t love him, why did she say she loves him when she questioned him over phone. Seerat asks when did he call her. Angad says a night before wedding he had called her and asked if she loves him and she said yes, he was happy and sure that even she wanted to talk to her. Seerat says she is sure that she didn’t speak to him that night. Angad thinks who said yes to him that night. Sahiba recalls speaking to him as Seerat. Angad asks Seerat if she loved him even for a second. Seerat breaks down seeking his forgiveness. Angad walks away. Garry feels happy and thinks his time is going good.

Sahiba walks behind Angad and says she wants to tell him something important. Angad says he doesn’t want to. Sahiba reveals that it was she who spoke to him that night. Angad shouts everything happened because of her then, she betrayed him, if she had not picked Seerat’s call and lied to him, he wouldn’t have married Seerat. Sahiba says she didn’t do it purposefully, Seerat was out of the house when he called her and when he insisted her to speak, she said yes. He asks he to stop her nonsense and accept that she wanted to become Brar family bahu and Angad’s wife; people will know her as Angad’s divorced wife from hereon. He walks away from there. Santosh asks Seerat if she took Garry’s name in front of Angad. Seerat nods no.

Precap: Sahiba says the boy whom Seerat eloped with is responsible for all the problems, Seerat his hiding his name due to someone’s pressure, she will find out who he is.

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