Teri Meri Doriyaan 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Angad Blames Sahiba For Seerat’s Suicide Attempt

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Manveer calls Angad and asks where is he. Angad says he is at a hospital and informs that Seerat tried to commit suicide. Manveer is shocked and asks him not to fall in all this and stay away from fraud Mongas, she is coming there to pick him up. Angad asks her not to come there as she gets upset seeing Mongas, he is very near to find out truth and will update her about it. Sahiba confronts Santosh and Ajith for throwing Seerat out of the house and says Seerat was repeatedly apologizing them before attempting suicide. Santosh cries and says she shouldnn’t have thrown her out and asks why she must have taken this extreme step. Sahiba says maybe because of the body whom she eloped with.

Ajith thanks Angad for saving his daughter who betrayed him. Angad says there is no need to thank him. Ajith asks him if he has back pain, he shouldn’t trouble himself and return home. Angad asks him no to worry about him and go home, he will inform him once Seerat gets conscious. Inspector walks in and asks Angad what is he doing here. Angad takes him aside and informs that Sahiba’s sister is admitted her. Inspector asks one who eloped during her wedding, Seerat. Angad says he can close Seerat’s missing complaint. Inspector says he will as its his duty, he came here to investigate a girl’s attempt to suicide case. Angad says its Seerat. Inspector says Seerat has become his regular customer. Angad says Seerat slipped from the bridge while talking to Sahiba. Inspector svays he has investigate though. Angad says there is no need for that. Inspector says as he says and asks Sahiba to reach police station and close her missing complaint.

Precap: Sahiba asks Seerat how is she.
Angad tells Seerat that she wants to talk to him alone. He says when she didn’t love him and didn’t want to marry him, why did she say yes when he asked over if she loves him. Seerat says she didn’t say that. Sahiba accepts that it was her who replied him.

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