Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Veer tells Armaan’s story to Eisha

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 14th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Veer says this won’t be easy. Eisha says for our love his craving would stop. Veer says good luck. Ahana says to Vihaan when I met you first I had an agenda. You were par tof my plan but when I started spending time with you, I actually started liking you. I would never hurt you. Do you belive me? He says yes but it’s weird. Your mom and my great grandfather liked each other. Sharma is outside. He hears it. Veer says as long as he has human blood, he will have to be locked. Eisha says I can’t see him like this. He says you did that. Eisha says you care for him I know. He says no I don’t. Eisha says you won’t have saved him from Nandini. He says I saved you not her. You want a 100 year old wolf to change. Armaan had a past. He leaves.

Veer comes to his room. He imainges seeing Armaan drinking blood from a woman in past. Veer said Armaan no animal kills humans like this. You’re worse than an animal. Have some shame. AArmaan said this is who I am. Veer said dad will find out the truth. Armaan said think about Kaviya not me. They will lock her up in a cave. Don’t worry I will help you. Veer says to Eisha till then Armaan had killed 55 people. Then he killed another 15 people. Eisha says tell me the whole story. Veer comes to Armaan and says here is your vegan diet. He leaves the blood there. Armaan says I am not hungry. Veer says staying hungry won’t help. Eisha says how well you survive? Armaan recalls Veer and Armaan came outside the place where they kept Kaviya captive. Their dad shot Armaan. Armaan says Ia mf ine. sham tulsi affect is wearing off. Eisha says I know you will control yourself. She comes inside. Armaan says you shouldn’t be here. Eisha says I am not scared of you. I know you can never harm anyone. He says I’ve harmed enough people. Please go. HE says no. Armaan says I can’t live like this.

Veer’s dad said Veer are you also a wolf? Kaviya made you both wovles. Veer said no dad. I am not a wolf. I love Kaviya. His dad said Kaivya will have to die. You have shamed us all. Couldn’t you find a human? He shot Armaan. Veer tries to stop him. Eisha hugs Armaan. He gets angry. Veer takes Eisha outside. He says Armaan is a wolf. Eisha says he needs me. He’s alone, his brother is handling him. Veer says what do you even know about him? You dont’ know anything. You’ve no idea what he becomes when he becomes a wolf. Do you even know his past and truth? She says I want to know the whole story. What happened 100 years ago? Why do you think he’s the worst person. Why do you hate him? He says the Armaan I know is very different from Armaan you know.

Veer’s dad said Veer move away. Don’t help this animal. Veer tried to save him. Armaan says am I your dirty blood? You always hated me. Kaviya made a wolf so you wanna kill me? What if I make your entire blood line impure? He said no Armaan, you won’t do that. Armaan said what if I make your pure son a wolf? He said no don’t do that. I know you love your brother. Armaan bit Veer. Armaan said not both your sons are wolves. What will you do now? Kill both of us. Veer said why do you hate wolves? HE said they only betray and deciet. Like one did to me. He was about to stab Armaan. Veer stopped him. He became a wolf and killed his dead. Veer said to Armaan don’tt think i saved your life. I had to choose between you two. I didn’t want to become a wolf. We won’t ever die and I won’t let you live. THis life that you gave me, you will suffer all your life. He took his dad’s body from there. Eisha says so Armaan made you a wolf and you killed your dad? He says it was all Armaan’s fault. He did all this. If I didn’t kill dad, he would have killed Armaan. So I killed dad. He would have died anyway. Eisha says you killed your dad and you’re blaming it on Armaan? He says yes. I never wanted to be a wolf. I wanted to live and die like a normal person. I didn’t want to live forever at this cost of living forever and killing innocent people. Armaan is responsible for everything.

Epsiode ends

Precap-Kaviya comes to Landsdale. She says I have an old relation with Landsdale. No one would welcome me but I would come. It’s about my Armaan and Veer after all.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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