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Mohan says now it is time for her to leave this house, Radha is shocked but Mohan throws her out of the house, she falls on the floor but he closes the door even when Gungun requests him to stop. Radha calls Mohan however he pays no heed to her cries, Radha tries knocking on the door requesting him to let her inside and listen to her just once, Gungun also stops Mohan asking what has he done, Mohan exclaims it is enough because she has done a lot by her will and should know what will happen if she lets her inside, Gungun tries to explain Radha did it for them both. Mohan angrily leaves and Gungun runs to the door trying her best to open the lock, but she is not able to reach, Radha once again calls Mohan.

Gungun walks to Kadambari requesting her to open the door but Kadambari explains she must not insist and leaves her, Gungun then runs to Ajeet explaining he calls Radha as his sister so he must help her but Ajeet also refuses to even listen her name, Ketki tries to follow Ajeet, Gungun explains she calls Radha her friend so must open the door, Ketki apologizes to Gungun without listening to her, Gungun then also requests Rahul who leaves angrily.

Kaveri walks to Damini, mentioning now this time Radha has caused such a fire like Hanuman jee did it at Lanka and Mohan threw her out of the house today but he would one day bring her back and even Radha has taken the support of NGO and the inspector, she feels they both should leave with what they have gathered till now, Damini explains that Radha might have won the battle but the war is still about the start so Kaveri must do what she suggests her to do.

Radha slowly walks towards the stairs with a broken heart, thinking how Mohan explained he feels disgusted when she is standing in front of him and he vowed to never let her feel happy, explaining he will never give her the right of a wife and is going to make her life even worse, she will beg him to leave her after the pain he causes her, he promised to do the opposite of what she desires and she will only get hatred from him. Radha wonders what she has done because she came for the happiness of Mohan jee and today is the one who took them away from him. Radha calls Tulsi explaining she has made a very big mistake so she should tell her what to do, Radha is crying but there is no one by her side, Tulsi sitting beside her explains that Mohan is not happy but he will very soon realize that she is the best choice for him, Radha calls Tulsi asking why did she leave her like this, she recalls when Tulsi explained now she would not be able to even hear or see her, Radha realizes now she would not be able to even see or feel Tulsi, Radha asks how would she fight this war by herself so she needs her support. Tulsi questions who said she is alone, she assures that she is always going to stay by her side. Tulsi cries when she is still not able to touch Radha.

Gungun opens the window when Radha feels it is Tulsi however Gungun calls Radha towards her assuring, she is always going to stay by her side even if everyone is against her, Gungun explains she will bring her inside but Radha explains Gungun should never do anything which will hurt her father. Gungun asks what about the pain which she suffered, she explains Radha is her new mother so Gungun Trivedi can not allow her mother to stay outside, she assures of doing something.

Gungun walks to the door when she notices the chair, she manages to open the door by climbing on it. Gungun immediately hugs Radha after opening the door, they both start crying when Gungun explains she knows Radha is really sad because the rituals after marriage have not happened, Gungun explains she knows everything and has seen in a TV serial about the GrehPerwash, she asks her to wait as she would come back. Tulsi smiling explains Gungun feels like her mother-in-law.

Gungun returns with the pot, which she places in front of Radha, before running back to bring the Thali for the pooja. Radha is delighted seeing her, Gungun starts performing the Arti and after completing it even brings the bras pot in which she adds the red color, Radha starts smiling, as Gungun plays the recording of the mantar, before asking Radha to kick the Kalesh and enter the house after placing her feet in the red color. Radha is smiling as Gungun starts blowing the horn. Mohan immediately realizes this is the work of Gungun as she would have helped Radha enter the house, he vows to not let Radha use Gungun anymore. Tulsi exclaims it is the first time that her daughter is performing the GrehPerwash of her mother. Radha enters the house but she stumbles from the stairs and is about to fall however Gungun helps her assuring she is going to stay and help her. Radha starts smiling before kneeling explaining she is the only one because of whom she was able to take the decision of marrying and if Gungun did not stood by her side, she would have never expressed her feelings to Mohan. Radha hugging Gungun thinks she knows she wronged Mohan but it was necessary to stop the evil coming his way, she vows to face all the problems that come his way.

Mohan angrily calls Radha, she is shocked hearing him and stands up. Mohan explains she should go back just as she entered, Gungun replies her mother is not going to leave but Mohan says Radha is not her mother, he is about to force Radha out however Gungun stops him threatening to leave with Radha. Mohan threatens her to not even dare step out of the house Gungun replies she has a lot of will and even left the house once before, Mohan replies he remembers it and does she remember the promise which she made him otherwise her mother would feel pain. Gungun says she remembers it because her mother would feel the pain but now Radha is her mother and if she does not live here then even, she would leave, if he wants her to stay here then should also allow Radha to stay here. Mohan angrily scolds her but Radha explains they have married to be with Gungun and tomorrow is the hearing of her custody case so he should let her stay here for her, Mohan in frustration hits the Kalesh which hits Radha in the forehead, Mohan feels worried about her but stops realizing what she has done.

Kaveri requests Damini to stop this madness, she angrily walks explaining that she only desired to marry Mohan and if it did not happen then there is no point in living, Kadambari remembers when she threatened to kill herself, Mohan also requests Damini to stop this madness when she cuts her wrist, everyone is shocked seeing her. Mohan notices the cut in her hand.

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