Rabb Se Hai Dua 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua accepts Gazal & Ruhaan’s marriage

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Scene 1
Ruhaan tells Noor that Dua is jealous of Gazal. Haider comes there and says are you done? Dua was your friend and now you are saying all this for her? don’t you respect her anymore? Ruhaan says you are being unfair as Dua kept insulting my mother and my would-be wife.. is your honor gone that you can’t see the truth? Haider shouts at him to stop it. Ruhaan shouts to stop shouting otherwise.. Haider says what then? He grabs him and they both start arguing. Ruhaan raises his hand on him but Rahat comes there and stops him. He says how dare you raise your hand on your elder brother? Noor says Haider bhai started it. Haider says don’t call me your brother. Ruhaan says this is all happening because of ill-fated Dua. Haider gets angry and punches him. He falls down, Haider is shocked and tries to apologize but Ruhaan angrily leaves. Haider is hurt.

Dua is trying to contact Momo. Kaynaat comes there and says you were right, Gazal will destroy this family. Haider comes there and is stressed. She asks what happened? She finds a wound on his hand and asks Kaynaat to bring first-aid. She does so Dua cleans his wound. Haider says I am a bad person. My brother is going away from me and I can’t bear it.. I feel like we are becoming each other’s enemies.. I raised my hand on him today. Dua says please don’t worry, I can’t see you like this. Haider says I also can’t see Ruhaan hurt.. I am requesting you to not go against Gazal.. if Ruhaan goes away from me then I will die. Please respect his choice and don’t go against him. Dua nods and hugs him. He asks if he trusts her? he says more than myself. Dua says then wait for me. She leaves from there.

Scene 2
Gazal is making Hina walk and says I will help you in walking again. Dua comes there and says stop. You don’t need to make her walk. Hina says you have started again? All family members look on. Dua says I mean she doesn’t need to walk but run now as the wedding is near. Rahat says weren’t you against Ruhaan and Gazal’s marriage? Dua says everyone wants Gazal to become a family member so I also want Gazal and Ruhaan to get married. Hina says really? Dua rushes to her and says I was being unfair with Gazal. I might have been scared to share the family love with Gazal but now I have realized that I was wrong. Please forgive me. I know that Gazal and Ruhaan love each other. I want them to get married now. I can’t see you angry with me. Hina says its good that you have realized about your mistake. I was hurt when I thought I lost you. You are not just my daughter in law or my daughter but you are my best friend. Don’t leave me again. Dua hugs her and says never. Gulnaz thinks this Dua spoiled everything. Rahat says its good that everything is sorted. Haider says I can’t believe that Dua has accepted Gazal, thank you. Dua says if everyone wants this then why would I go against it? I will still be the elder daughter in law. She asks Gazal to be ready to become her sister in law. She hugs her. Hina smiles and prays for their happiness. Dua whispers to Gazal that I will make sure you marry Ruhaan now. Dua goes to Ruhaan and says I was wrong. I can see that you both love each other and I am sorry for trying to separate you both. Gulnaz whispers to Gazal that she will force you to marry Ruhaan. Ruhaan says I was wrong too, I misbehaved with you. Dua says you fought for your love so don’t apologize. Its time for celebrations. Lets prepare for the wedding. She apologizes to Gulnaz for misbehaving with her. She says I will make sure that Gazal becomes your daughter in law. She hugs her and whispers that Ruhaan has to pay for hurting Haider. I will make sure that Ruhaan marries Gazal now. Gulnaz is shocked.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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