Maitree 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ashish confronts Vasundhara in court

Maitree 15th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasundhara testifying in court against Ashish. Maitree believes that the evidence shows that Saransh is the one who does everything, and she decides to inform the court of Saransh’s truth. She gets to her feet. Vasundhara requests that Maitree not interrupt the court proceedings and sit.

Maitree takes a seat. Vasundhara is asked by the judge if she has any additional evidence. Dinesh believes Vasundhara will show the CCTV footage and reveal Saransh’s true identity. Vasundhara declines. Dinesh and Maitree exchange glances.
According to Vasundhara Singh Rathore, these evidences are sufficient to prove Ashish is a drug supplier. She requests that the judge sentence Ashish to life in prison for the drug case. Everyone is taken back.

Sona yells at Vasundhara for framing Ashish in a bogus case. She claims she will not abandon her. Sona is asked to calm down by Ashish and others. Dinesh decides to show the CCTV footage video to Court that Vasundhara sent him, but he notices it has been deleted.

The judge orders Sona not to make a scene. Ashish instructs her to remain calm. Sona takes a seat. Ashish apologises to the judge on behalf of Sona. The judge forgives her and promises to punish her if she does it again, and he adjourns the court for 20 minutes, after which the hearing will resume.

Later, Dinesh informs Maitree that he is perplexed as to why Vasundhara did not play Saransh’s video in court.According to Maitree, Vasundhra wants to exact revenge on Ashish by proving him to be the perpetrator, which is why she conspired with some Netha Ji.Dinesh claims he supported the wrong because he thought Ashish was a drug dealer. Maitree says the case is still in our hands and that if anyone has a drug connection, such as Saransh, and you’re handling the case, your confession could change the outcome. Dinesh concurs.

Maami takes items from Nandini’s room. Princy apprehends her mother and begs her not to do it. She considers what is going on in court. Vasundhara summons Dinesh to the witness stand in court. Sona believes he will not favour Ashish.

Dinesh tries to persuade Vasundhara to support Ashish, but she refuses. The judge asks Ashish if he agrees with the allegations. On the day of the engagement, Ashish says he will be at home. Vasundhara inquires as to who drove the car to the drug store that day. She wonders if it’s Saranah.

Ashish withholds Saransh’s name because he believes Sona cannot bear it. Vasundhara regards Ashish as an emotional moron. Saransh, according to Ashish, is not involved in the case. Om, Kusum, Dinesh, and Maitree are taken aback. Sona is overjoyed. Maitree inquires as to why he is speaking in this manner.

The judge orders her to take a seat. Vasundhara requests that Ashish reveal who used his car. Ashish claims that drugs have been planted in my car. He requests that the Judge grant him time to prove that the accusations levelled against him are false. Vasundhara requests that the Judge not give him any time.
The judge says Ashish is a sincere lawyer, and I’m giving him two days to prove his innocence before adjourning the case. Ashish expresses gratitude to him. Ashish is apprehended by the police.

Sachin questions Princy after class about why she appears tense. Princy complains that Vasundhara is putting Ashish in the wrong case. Sachin claims he is assisting Maitree in proving Ashish’s innocence. Princy joins him, and they watch CCTV footage of the bank across the street from Ashish’s house.

On the way, Maitree informs her father that Ashish will not take Saransh’s name and that Vasundhara’s aunty will complete his career and name if he remains silent. Dinesh says Ashish should think about it, and I can’t forget they’re the reason you’re in this situation.Maitree requests that he pull over near the temple. Dhaga is tied to the tree by Maitree. She promises Nandini in her heart that she will make sure Ashish is not imprisoned for a crime he did not commit.

PreCap: Maitree and Sachin is watching footage in their laptop. Maitree says, drugs were planted inside Ashish’s vehicle. Maitree asks Princy for help. Maitree asks her to get Vasundhara’s phone.
Ashish shows evidences and footage inside the court. Vasundhara gets stunned.

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