Main Hoon Aparajita 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Chhavi and Niya are trapped in fire

Main Hoon Aparajita 10th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Akshay tells Aparajita that I feel nice to play holi with my family and you.. do you remember how we used to celebrate together? Aparajita says I remember everything.. it was not easy to forget you.. you left me and I kept thinking I should call you and ask you why you left me but then I would think you wouldn’t want to talk to me. You always called once a year for Chhavi but you never asked about Disha or Asha.. did you never want to see them? Akshay smiles and says you have many questions.. why do you always remember bad things about our past? don’t you have any good memories of us? Aparajita says I remember everything but you left me so do you remember our memories? he says I remember everything. She asks what was your best memory? Akshay says I have fallen in love once only and that person.. Chhavi, Asha and Niya come there. Asha laughs seeing them drunk. Chhavi goes to get lemonade for them. Niya goes with her.

Chhavi and Niya come to Aparajita’s house. Niya says I didn’t like them close. Mom will be hurt as she loves him a lot. Chhavi says you are thinking wrongly. She smells something burning. Veer comes outside their house too. Chhavi and Niya go to check what’s happening. They are shocked to see a short circuit happening and there is a fire starting. Veer sees that and says I should burn them here only. Chhavi tries to doze off the fire.

Bappi gives lemonade to Akshay and Aparajita while they are drunk. Aparajita asks where is Chhavi?

In the house, Chhavi and Niya are trying to doze off the fire. Veer goes to the kitchen and finds kerosene there. He recalls how Chhavi beat him in front of everyone. He throws kerosene near the laundry room. Chhavi and Niya try to leave but he locks the door and starts fire outside the room also. Niya and Chhavi are trapped in there. Chhavi thinks I felt like I saw Veer. Niya asks Chhavi what will we do now? they are both coughing. Niya starts fainting.

Mohini comes to the function and sees Akshay and Aparajita together. Asha says I don’t know where Arjun is. Disha says its good that he is gone. Mohini applies color to Aparajita and says happy holi. She thinks your life will be destroyed today. She takes Akshay from there.

Chhavi and Niya are trying to leave the laundry. Veer is outside the room and says she will be burned before Aparajita can reach her, he leaves from there.

A man come to the function and tells Aparajita that her house is on fire. All are shocked. Mohini takes Akshay aside and injects medicine to him.

Aparajita is trying to run to her house but is dizzy. Disha and Asha help her.

Chhavi is trying to save Niya and herself but they are trapped by fire. Niya faints in fire. All family members come outside the house, they see it on fire. Aparajita screams for Chhavi.

A man come to Akshay and says the laundry caught on fire. Mohini says you don’t need to go. He says no, I need to go there, he leaves. Mohini says that fire will burn Aparajita’s self-respect too.

Aparajita enters the room and tries to break in the laundry room. She screams to Chhavi that I am coming. She kicks the door open and enters the room. Its covered in fire but she hears Chhavi’s cries. Aparajita looks around.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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