Lag Ja Gale 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Aniket threatens Rachna

Lag Ja Gale 17th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aniket coming inside Ishani’s house. Ishani is sleeping on the floor. He sits near her and covers her with blanket. He sees hair coming on her face and moves it from her face. He then gives her pillow. Ishani opens her eyes and finds the door open. She asks who is here? She switches on the light and thinks who let the door open. She sees Rachna and asks if you came home now. Rachna says no, sometime back. Ishani asks why you didn’t close the door. Rachna says if you are seeing it open then close it. Ishani says if any thief comes inside. Rachna says we don’t have any treasure at home. She asks her not to lecture her else she will go and wake up Aai. Ishani says I am telling your mistake, so that you rectify it. Rachna says you misbehave with Aai and becomes good for Baba, and asks her not to forget that she is an orphan. Ishani says you are forgetting that you are an orphan, I will talk to you tomorrow. Aniket is standing there and hears her. He thinks even she is an orphan, and tells that he don’t remember his family, just remembered a woman who used to beat him daily, first he thought her to be his mother, but later came to know that his family didn’t give them money so they had kidnapped him and used to beat him daily. He says he knows how to feel to be alone in this world, and says nobody understands and hears you. He thinks nobody can stop them from uniting. He thinks how that girl was talking to Ishani, whose profile he had seen. He gets angry and goes home. He messages her and says Rachna, you can’t think bad about my Ishani after today. Rachna reads the message and gets happy. She tells that she got a chance for the photo shoot and today is the shoot. Sulochana gets happy. Pooja says today is holi day. Rachna says there is no off in our industry. Sulochana asks them to get ready as they have to go to rich people’s house for holi celebration.

Later Pooja and Ishani come to Shiv’s house. Ishani runs behind Tina to spray pichkari on her, but Shiv opens the door and the pichkari falls on his chest. Ishani says sorry and asks him not to shout and don’t get angry. She says I know you don’t play holi. Shiv says I used to apply color to everyone first. He says as she colored him first, he will color her first. Ishani says no. She goes inside his room. They fall on the bed and the color gets applied on her forehead. They look at each other. Song plays…Ishani sees red color in her hairline. Shiv says I have applied gulaal to your head. Ishani says you have filled my maang with sindoor and says we are husband and wife now. Shiv says I can’t marry you. It turns out to be his dream, and he falls down from sofa saying I will not marry you Ishani. Yash and Randeep wake up too. Yash asks if he married Ishani in dream. Shiv says why will he? Yash says whenever you lie, your eye blinks. Randeep says yes, your eye is blinking. Shiv says you say anything. Yash says Ishani you are here. Randeep says Ishani. Shiv looks for Ishani. He realizes she is not here. Yash thinks to do their setting. Shashi calls Sulochana and tells her that she wants Ishani and Pooja’s kundali. Sulochana says she will give. She ends the call and thinks she will not give Ishani’s kundali and will make her kundali.

Rachna comes to a place and thinks if she came to the wrong address. Aniket is standing there holding the sofa and asks Rachna to help him to push the sofa inside the tempo. Rachna refuses to help, but he insists. Rachna tries to help him and get inside the tempo. Aniket pushes the sofa and she falls inside. Aniket gets inside and pull the shutter down. He moves down his mask and threatens her not to trouble Ishani again, else he will kill her. Rachna is scared and has closed her eyes. She asks how do you know Ishani? Aniket says you question much, and asks if you understand or not. Rachna says I understood, I will talk to her nicely and will love her. Aniket asks will you make the family members understand. Rachna says yes, and I will make everyone understand. Aniket says if you say this to anyone then this truck will ram on you. Rachna asks him to let her go. Aniket lifts the shutter and asks her to go. She runs out leaving her mobile. He takes her phone and asks her to take it. Rachna takes her phone and leaves. Aniket says they are going to some Dhoopar’s house, I will go there to see Ishani.

Precap: Shiv says Ms. Fried rice, I will color you fully today, you will meet real Shiv Dhoopar today. Aniket says I will make all colors as colorless. Shiv is about to apply color to Ishani and pulls her closer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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