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The Episode starts with the goon asking Malishka how much you will make us run. Malishka hugs Rishi and says thank god, you have come. The goon says you have called your lover here. Malishka tells Rishi that the goons are dangerous, she was going to designer when… a fb is shown, Malishka gets down from the car seeing the guy on the road. The guy gets up and holds her hand. Another goon comes there and asks her to give her bag. Malishka takes the handbag and runs. Fb ends. Malishka asks Rishi not to fight with them. Rishi says when you have showed dareness and braveness by running with the bag, then I have to snatch it. The goon pretends as if he is scared of him and provokes him to fight with them. Rishi makes Malishka move and walks the goons. Bani takes phone from someone and message Shalu to manage for sometime. Rano and Balwinder’s Chachi come to the bridegroom, and is about to lift the veil of the bride. Shalu is sitting as the bride and stops her. Rano thinks she will get lakhs from Neelam and Balwinder. Chachi asks where are the other girls? Rano asks what we have to do with others, and takes her outside. Ayush thinks if someone kidnapped Lakshmi.

Karishma gives coffee to Kiran. Kiran says she is very worried about Malishka. Karishma says what happened, they are going to get married. Kiran says the marriage haven’t happened till now and mahurat is not taken out yet. Karishma says today her brother went to marriage. Kiran says she will be afraid until Rishi and Malishka will get married, and says always some hurdles come in the way. Karishma says all the chapters are closed, just Lakshmi’s marriage happens. Kiran says I am praying for Lakshmi’s marriage, so that my daughter Malishka’s marriage happens.

Balwinder sees the bride and thinks she is looking so beautiful in bridal clothes. He thinks to see her. Rano makes her sit beside Lakshmi. Balwinder is about to lift her veil, but his Chachi stops him and asks him to see her face after marriage. Balwinder asks Pandit ji to read the mantras fast, whatever he knows and get the marriage done fast. Pandit ji starts reciting the mantras.

Rishi beats the goons. Malishka says leave them Rishi, we will go from here. The goon hits Rishi. Rishi twists his hands.

Bani searches for Lakshmi and finds burqa on the ground. Guddu comes out talking to someone and asks Bani what is she doing here. He says rounds are about to start, and Balwinder is about to become her jija. He asks her to smile and go inside. Bani is shocked.

Kamli rubs balm on her feet and thinks her pain is less now. She thinks now she will go, and marry Balwinder, thinks my baby will get his father’s name and nobody will call him illegitimate. Ayush thinks he has to save Bani and Shalu, as Balwinder might take out frustration on them. Bani comes to him and says Guddu told that Di is inside and the marriage rounds are about to begin. Pandit ji asks Balwinder and Shalu to stand for the garlands exchange. Balwinder takes the garland and asks the bride to take it. His friend says if she doesn’t marry then they will kill many people here. Dadi says she might have realized her mistake and that’s why hesitant. Shalu thinks Bani asked her to manage for sometime, but now rounds will start. Balwinder asks the bride to pick the garland. Shalu picks the garland. Balwinder thinks Lakshmi has become pati vrata. Bani and Ayush get worried for Lakshmi and couldn’t bear that she went inside to get married. Kamli feels dizzy, faints and falls down in her house.

Rishi has beaten the goons and made them fallen down. He tells Malishka that he has to go somewhere urgently, and tells that his time is wasted here. Malishka says you have saved me, and now saying that your time is wasted. She says you shall come with me to the hospital. Rishi asks her to understand and says he has to go somewhere urgently. He goes. Malishka kicks the goons and asks them to get up. She says you couldn’t do even one work which I had given you and refused to give them money. It turns out that he has hired them to stop Rishi from reaching Lakshmi’s marriage. She asks the goon to go and stop him. The goon runs.

Pandit ji asks them to exchange the garland. Rano tells Lakshmi, you are marrying for the second time. Neha tells Rano that she has fooled Lakshmi well by telling about her fake marriage, and asks her to give the money which she will get from Neelam and Balwinder. Balwinder makes Shalu wear the garland. Shalu is forced to make him wear the garland. Lakshmi is walking outside the venue and is still drowsy. She sits down near the car. Ahana comes there and asks Lakshmi if she is fine. She thinks if someone gave her sedatives so that she gets married, and thinks someone is forcing her to marry and she don’t want. She says I have understood what you want and asks her to come with her. She takes her to the car. Balwinder’s friend is talking on phone and tells another friend that whoever comes for the wedding, will get unlimited wine. Ahana keeps Lakshmi in the car and drives away.

Bani tells Ayush that nothing can be done now, and says this marriage is happening as Di wanted. Ayush says Bhabhi does everything for others, but this time she has decided to marry to ruin her life, and we are helpless and can’t do anything. Bani says this might be di’s destiny, atleast we shall be with Shalu, she might be sad.

Precap: Malishka asks Pandit ji to get the marriage done fast. Ahana tells Lakshmi that someone’s marriage is happening there. Lakshmi is shocked. Sonal tells Kiran that Malishka will not do anything to stop her marriage. Malishka’s goon attacks Rishi with a rod and he faints and falls down. Balwinder looks at the veiled bride. Ayush says he is feeling much pain. Malishka looks at unconscious Rishi and says he shall not gain consciousness, until Lakshmi’s marriage is done.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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