Bhagya Lakshmi 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Doctor informs Lakshmi about her condition

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Malishka coming home angrily, and thinks she will get mad. Kiran asks what has happened? Malishka says amavas gets in my life daily and says Rishi and Lakshmi’s drama will not end. Kiran asks if Rishi is fine. Malishka says he is very much fine and stayed in the hospital to stay with Lakshmi all night. Kiran asks why, Lakshmi’s sisters were there. Malishka says they were insisting to stay, but Rishi also became great soul like Lakshmi and insisted to say, and told that he will take care of himself, to take care of Lakshmi. Kiran is scared and says I wonder if you will marry him or not. Malishka asks if you are my mom or his. She says today Rishi was caught in fire, I should have saved him. Kiran asks who saved him. Malishka says Lakshmi saved him, it is good, even I want to save him, but my efforts gone waste, and Rishi got angry with me and asked if I love him or not, then why I didn’t save him and why Lakshmi saved him. Kiran says lakshmi has won his heart. Malishka says what could I have done, that pillar was heavy, I couldn’t move it. Kiran says what Lakshmi could do, you can also do. Malishka says I am not low grade like Lakshmi. Kiran says Lakshmi’s grade has become high by doing this and your grade has become low. She asks if anyone knows about this. Malishka says no, Rishi only said that Lakshmi saved his life and my life too. Kiran asks what? She says you are giving me shock again and again and says Lakshmi saved you also. Malishka says yes, she saved me else I wouldn’t have been standing here, and also Rishi wouldn’t have been alive. Kiran says then Lakshmi did a ….Malishka asks her not to praise Lakshmi. Kiran says I will not praise her, but will say one thing and asks her to become Lakshmi, else she will get out of his heart and Lakshmi will make place in his heart.

(Dream scene again) Lakshmi gains consciousness in the morning and removes her oxygen mask. Rishi also wakes up and says lakshmi, you got up. Lakshmi asks what happened yesterday. He says fire was caught in hotel. Lakshmi asks what you said yesterday and says she wants to hear it again. He says I can’t tell you again. She asks if it was feeling of that moment. Rishi says whatever I said was truth, it was not feeling of that moment. He says I love you Lakshmi, I just love you forever. He thinks she had accepted my love in dream, if she will do this in reality. Lakshmi says if you say this again then I will slap you, and asks him not to think also. He gets up and it is again his dream. He thinks it was a bad dream and thinks if I did a mistake by telling her. He thinks how she will react, and thinks she can slap or beat me, but shall not leave me. He thinks I am an idiot to tell my feelings to her, and worries that she might throw him out of her life. He thinks what will happen in the morning.

In the morning, Rano asks Shalu and Bani, why did they wake up so early. Shalu says Rishi stayed in hospital in the night, so they are taking food for Rishi and Lakshmi. They tell that they have made food for Neha and her. Rano asks them to make her talk to Lakshmi, and tell her that she is praying for her. She checks the kitchen and thinks they have messed with the kitchen and left it dirty.

Lakshmi gains consciousness and recalls the accident. She sees Rishi sleeping keeping his head on the bed and takes off the oxygen mask. She keeps hand on her head. Rishi is sleeping holding her hand. She silently takes her hand from his hand. Nurse comes there and asks you woke up, how is your pain? Lakshmi signs her not to say, as Rishi is sleeping. Nurse thinks they shall be husband and wife, they love each other a lot and think about each other. Nurse asks Lakshmi if she wants to go somewhere? Lakshmi says Doctor. Nurse asks her to come with her. She takes Lakshmi out. She comes to Doctor and asks what has happened to her. Doctor tells her that she was brought in emergency, and says you had much injury on your head, your brain cells were damaged and that’s why you have temporary memory loss, you forget small things. Ayush, Shalu and Bani come there and see just Rishi. They think lakshmi went for test.

Kiran asks Servant to bring Malishka and her tea. Malishka asks Kiran to do her work and says I will get ready. Kiran asks what is the work? Malishka says it is the work which will make sure of Rishi and my marriage. She goes to get ready. Ayush asks Shalu to look at Rishi, and says he is sleeping peacefully and that means she is fine. Bani says sometimes Ayush talks wise. Ayush says I always talk wise. Shalu says jiju will wake up. Rishi wakes up and asks where is Lakshmi? He asks when you have come here. Bani says we have brought food for you. Rishi asks where is Lakshmi. Shalu says Doctor might have taken her for test. Rishi says he will go and search her. Lakshmi comes there. Rishi hugs her. Lakshmi calls him Rishi and asks if he is fine. Ayush asks them to continue. Rishi says he is fine and asks about her. Lakshmi says she is fine. Rishi thinks Lakshmi is not upset with me and thinks if she will react later, thinks his heart beat is increasing.

Kiran thinks what magical stick she got. Balwinder calls Malishka. Malishka says City hospital. Balwinder ends the call. Malishka says it was wrong number, and tells Kiran that she doesn’t trust Lakshmi and now Rishi also. She tells that Rishi is searching a guy who is not in this world, even he is not like that. She says very soon, we shall get married. Kiran says Neelam said that she will get you both married in a month. Malishka asks her to go to Neelam and fix the marriage date, and says they will get the cards printed, and will get the news viral. She says then Rishi has to marry me, and we will know that how much Neelam aunty has control on Rishi. Kiran says you are right, Neelam has to agree.

Shalu and Bani hug Lakshmi. Ayush hugs Lakshmi and asks how are you? Lakshmi says fine. Rishi asks if you are really fine. Lakshmi says yes, and says I talked to doctor and taken his permission to go home. Rishi says yesterday you was operated and today you want to go home. Shalu and Bani try to convince her to stay in hospital. Lakshmi says she wants to go home. Rishi says your recovery will be fast here. Lakshmi says if she goes home, then will get fine soon. Rishi says ok, I will take you home and asks her to have food, says Shalu has brought food. Lakshmi asks did you have food? Rishi says yes. Ayush says then come home. Rishi looks at Lakshmi.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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