Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao brings everyone back to chawl.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In this episode Bhim Rao, Guruji, Ramji and police search for Gopi, Nandu and Malo. Bhim Rao and Ramji came outside to find them. Shishupal, Vaijnath, and Mao observed them with anticipation. Bhim Rao searched everyone until he decided to look under the barn Guruji diverted his attention by asking everyone to search the forest. Vaijnath and his sons went to the place where they hid Malo and Nandu. Vaijnath wanted to take them away from Bombay but is left with no other choice but to kill them here. Vaipal covers their bodies with kerosene oil. Shishupal went to fetch a match stick.

While the police search for everyone Bhim Rao realizes seeing something under the barn. Ramji questions, he feels them being there. He takes Police and everyone back to storage house.
Vaijnath wants Bhim Rao to suffer the pain of him not being able to save his friends. He heard police voice, went in hiding. Bhim Rao found everyone under the barn, all of them were unconscious but alive. Ramji decides to take them to chawl. Bhim Rao asks for police help. Policemen refuse, he cannot touch the lower caste, they need to put them on stretcher which is not physically possible. Guruji questions policemen, Bhim Rao went to being men from his chawl.

Shishupal suggests staying away from Bhim Rao and his chawl, Vaipal supports his brother. Vaijnath refuses the make the same mistake as Joshi and Varchand. Policeman came to Vaijnath’s doorstep to question him about some swag items discovered in forest. Policeman clarifies not accusing anyone but only needs to make a report. Vaijnath allows policeman to enter but first he needs to take off his shoes, his house his more precious than policeman’s law. Policemen aggress, he takes off his shoes and comes in. Vaijnath throws a pile of money towards him, he happily accepts. Vaijnath heard Rama voice; he saw chawl members taking everyone back home. Policeman tells that Bhim Rao has saved everyone, they can now press charges against Vaijnath. He asks for policemen advise.

Guruji brings a doctor to examine everyone. The chawl members working at Shishupal’s shop came questioning. Guruji tells that they are being examined. Shishupal questions everyone for leaving work. Mohan tells that they have found Nandu. Shishupal shockingly questions, he sent men to find Nandu. Bhim Rao knows that Shishupal had him kidnapped, he will make sure that Shishupal gets punished for his crime. Rama supports Bhim Rao, said that this chawl still has people who will punish him. Shishupal leaves. Doctor gave Bhim Rao a medicine for the ill. Daliya is stunned to see Malojee’s worsened condition. Bhim Rao sat beside Malojee telling that he longed for his friend to return an enjoy once again, he questions him for not speaking anything and ruining himself. Rama calms Bhim Rao by asking him to be more patient.

Vaijnath stops Guruji, praise him for enlightening the path for everyone especially Bhim Rao, he lead him to Vaijnath’s outhouse. Guruji asks Vaijnath to speak up, knows that he is being bothered for a reason. Vaijnath knows that Guruji is Bhim Rao’s support. He wants Guruji to part ways from Bhim Rao and support Vaijnath, in return he will given a lot of luxuries. Having Bhim Rao has a student is Guruji’s biggest luxury, he can not let him go for Vaijnath. Guruji apologizes. Vaijnath asks him to think again, refusing Vaijnath can be dangerous. Guruji leaves.
Everyone slowly wakes up. Rama asks Bhim Rao to give everyone medicines. Rama and Lakshmi prepare the medicine. Malojee asks where he is. Daliya tells that he has been brought back to his chawl. Gopi knew that Bhim Rao would save him, Anand feeds him the medicine. Malojee throws the medicine away, he wants to leave. Nandu questions, he has no one else for him. Malojee gets up to leave. Bhim Rao stops him. Shishupal enter chawl asking Malojee to join him.

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