Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Samrat Agrees To Mansi’s Shocking Demand

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samrat agrees to let Mansi stay at his home and asks her to take back her case against Nayantara. Mansi says he will even marry her. Samrat asks if she has gone mad, he is already married to Nayantar and its proved that Nayan’s words are true that she is a selfish, cunning, and cheap woman who is bothered about only herself. Mansi says whatever it is, he has to marry her after 4 months after divorcing Nayan or else Nayan will be in jail forever. Sam asks what did Nayan do to her. Mansi says she lost her child because of Nayan, so she can’t let Nayan enjoy her life leaving her suffering. Sam agrees to marry her and let her stay in his house till then. Mansi says she will take back her complaint then.

Sam informs Mohit what Mansi told. Mohit asks how could he agree to Mansi’s demands, it proves Mansi trapped Nayan to marry him. Sam says even he thinks so, but he has to keep Mansi in his house for 4 months to get Nayan out of jail; he will lie something to Nayan when she questions him. Mohit says Mansi seems very dangerous. Sam says he will find some solution soon like his fake IT raid. Mohit brings Nayaan home. Sam shows his concern for her. Nayan asks where did he shift Mansi. Mansi walks to her saying she is here itself and reveals that Sam brought her back here and promised to let her stay here. Nayan is shocked and asks Samrat why did he bring Mansi home when he knows about her evil conspiracies. Sam apologizes Nayan in his mind and thinks he has to do this for her sake. He lies that he realized that he still loves Mansi when he saw her in pain and wants her to be near him, he realized that nobody is important in his life than her and she needs him as she lost her child; he will marry Mansi after divorcing Nayan. Mansi says finally she is where she should be and holds Samrat’s hand.

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