Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Jabjot Bebe’s Request To Sahiba

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Sahiba refuses to wear Brar’s sent dress and jewelry for wedding reception and tells Angad that she already told him that she is not his slave to obey his orders. Angad forcefully tries to make her wear the bangles and shouts that her generations must not have seen such precious jewelry and clothes, why she has problem wearing them. Sahiba continues to resist and argue with him. Angad continues to force her saying Brar family is a brand and he can’t ruin his family name because of her. Sahiba frees her hand and asks if this is how his family women taught him to respect women. Bebe with Gurleen walks in and stops Angad. Angad walks away fuming. Gurleen tells Sahiba that not all Brars misbehave with her and requests Sahiba to forget Angad’s misbehavior and get ready for the reception as its Darji’s request and question of fmaily’s dignity. She tries to fix bangle in her wrist, but Sahiba refuses and says she can’t sacrifice her self-respect. Gurleen leaves.

Bebe tells Sahiba that she came to seek something from her and requests to get ready for the reception so well that all Brar DILs look dull in front to her and come down. Sahiba refuses. Bebe if she asked something big. Sahiba says rich people get angry if their order is rejected. Bebe says she knows Sahiba is angry for her and her mother’s insult by Brars, she and Angad married each other for their family’s sake, but knowingly or unknowingly Brar family is also Sahiba’s family now and its her duty to protect her family’s dignity. She walks away saying its up to her now whether to attend reception or not. Sahiba stands thinking.

Seerat calls Garry and finds his number switched off. She calls Brar Jewellers office and asks receptionist to give phone to Garry Baweja. Receptionist informs that due to Angad’s wedding, Brars didnt’ attend office since 3 days and they opened office just today. She further informs that today is Angad’s reception and Garry must be attending it. Seerat gets tensed that Garry will find out her truth and Brars accepted Sahiba as their DIL. She thinks of visiting reception and fears if something untoward happens.

Garry shows his fake concern for Angad and says he will never forgive Jasleen for what she did and will leave Brar mansion with his mother and sister. Angad asks him not to do that and says he will not let any rift developed between family members because of Sahiba and blames Saiba for all the problems. Garry promises to handle the issues. Guests walk in for reception. Reporters question Jaspal about the reception. Garry takes over and tells Jaspal that he will handle the reporters. He signals his puppet reporter who says already there was a drama at wedding and now they will what next drama is awaiting at the reception. Garry asks her to sensationalize the news as much as possible.

Angad walks in. Reporters question Angad about the rift with his wife and asks if he wife will attend reception or not. Inder walks in and tongue lashes reporters for sensationalizing someone’s personal lives for their benefit and says a bride si considered a queen and queen takes time to get ready, so they should wait. Garry’s puppet reporter asks what is he doing here. Inder asks what kind of a question is this, he is attending his son’s reception. He takes Angad from there. Angad thanks him for coming and also handling the situation. Inder says when a confident Angad was looking weak, he thought Angad needs his papa and hence he came to support him.

Precap: Reporters question Brars why are they acting normal after so much happened at wedding, and if everything is normal, why Sahiba hasn’t come down. Sahiba walks to them and says Sahiba Brar is here, holds Angad’s hand and says maybe he has problem to pose with her.

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