Teri Meri Doriyaan 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Jasleen’s Evil Game

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Ajith gets emotional looking at his and Sahiba’s photo. Sahiba calls him just then. Ajith feels happy receiving her call and says he is worried for her. Sahiba asks him not to worry about her as she is fine here and even got her own room. Ajith asks if she had food. She lies that she had food and asks what about him. He says he will after seeing her and asks if Angad is behaving well with her. She says he didn’t speak to her much and asks about Seerat. Ajith asks her not to take Seerat’s name. Sahiba says whatever she did, she is their dear ones and they can’t leave her in trouble; she will go and search for her. She asks him to tell Keerat that she misses her a lot and disconnects call.

Angad sits senselessly in his room. Manveer walks in. Angad thinks its a servant and shouts not to disturb him. Manveer says its her. She asks him not to waste his precious tears and use his anger as a weapon to take revenge from Sahiba. Angad blames Sahiba for his and his family’s humiliation and takes oath not to have anything until he takes revenge from her. Sahiba cries recalling Angad hatred and Ajith’s fatherly love. She fears for Seerat’s life and thinks of filing a missing police complaint. She picks her bag and is about to leave when Jasleen walks in and shows fake concern for her. She says her middle class house would be faster better than this store room. Sahiba reveals that she is going to police station. Jasleen gets tensed and asks for that. Sahiba says to file Seerat’s missing complaint. Jasleen suggests her to go via back door as an issue may arise if she goes out at this time.

Garry returns to resort. Seerat asks where was he whole day, she ordered his favorite thai curry. Garry says he already had dinner during his business meeting and ges busy over phone. She asks how can he without her, she got ready for him and he is not even looking at her. He thinks she is a beautiful fraud. He acts as mesmerized with her beauty and starts having food. She insists that they should return to their families and marry soon. He gets angry. She thinks if he found out that she is not rich. He acts as calming down and says he needs time, thinks he needs to get rid off her as soon as possible.

Sahiba reaches police station and giving Seerat’s photo and her last letter requests insepctor to file Seerat’s missing complaint. Inspector says he can’t register a complaint when her sister herself has eloepd by her wish. Seerat requests and convinces inspector. Jasleen walks to Angad and lies to him that Sahiba is missing from home and provokes him against Sahiba. Angad angrily walks down and opens main door. He stands shocked seeing someone.

Precap: Angad asks Sahiba where had she goon and pulls her. She falls unconscious on his shoulder. Family gathers and watches that.

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